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Pokemon Gold EX

Pokemon Gold EX
Nimi: Pokemon Gold EX
Remake From: Pokemon Gold
Remake by: BroRarity.
Source: Click here!

It was initially planned that the story of this hack would mostly stay the same with some added difficulty and other tidbits here and there as either Easter eggs or bonus content that you wouldn’t find in the original gbc games.

New Features:
-A new level curve for improved difficulty, as everyone knows Johto was one of the easier games of the main series
-All 251 pokemon will somehow be obtainable in this game. Including Legends, Starters, & Fossils. Also Silver and Crystal Exclusives.
-Revised Rival, Elite Four, Champion, Kanto, Trainer Red, and so forth.
-Some pokemon will be revised in both evolutions and also learn sets.
-Easter eggs will be here and there, one being in Ruins of the Alph. (Search the grass)
-New places to explore. (Although, not in this first patch)
-Updated Trainer Sprites and New Events

Current Patch:
This first patch will contain everything from the Beginning and up to Ecruteak City/Route 38. But this first patch will include the Celebi GS Ball event, which you will obtain from Bill at the Pokémon Center in Ercuteak City.

Pokemon Gold EX

Download Pokemon Gold EX 1st Patched

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