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Pokemon Xenotime

Pokemon Xenotime
Name: Pokemon Xenotime [PC Game]
Create by: Peeky Chew
Source: Click here!

Pokémon XENOTIME, is set in Okyto, a thriving region with a diverse ecosystem. Lush grassland, icy conditions towards the north, desert, sunny beaches and rainy areas make Okyto a wonderful nature reserve. That said, the civilisation in Okyto is very advanced, with top-rate technology used to its full. Collect eight badges as you receive your first Pokémon reluctantly from Professor Larcoon, a woman with a stubborn side. On your adventure, meet countless Pokémon and journey through Okyto on your quest to become the Pokémon champion! It’s a perilous journey. You and your Pokémon must be tough enough to take on the incredibly strong elite six then the double battle champion. You must protect the civilians from the evil team, made up of past characters and strengthen your Pokémon, beating several trainers on the way.



You’ll be able to choose their names, and no, they don’t talk.

The starters

XENOTIME will be sticking with the standard Grass, Fire and Water starters, but, you’ll actually be able to catch the ones you didn’t pick at some point into the game.


XENOTIME’s battle UI. As you can see, it’s taken advantage of the wide-screen resolution well, by filling up the space with the enemy and player trainers. There are also no bits for the Pokémon to stand on, since all of the backgrounds I’m using have a large area of ground like here. This part is still being edited.


Ever thought that once you’ve defeated a gym leader and received your one badge, TM and “advice” that it wasn’t really worth the effort? Well this feature will certainly fix that! Once you defeat a gym leader, you will receive a hint to the where abouts of a baby Pokémon. To get the ‘mon you’ll have to try and figure out what the hint meant. Maybe a riddle.

Revised Pokédex
So that the main game isn’t over cluttered with hundreds upon hundreds of Pokémon, it is necessary to move some to after the main quest. I’m still deciding weather or not to include 5th gen ‘mon, but even if I do, they won’t be available until version 2.0 of the demo, which will be out at Christmas. If you feel any of the removed Pokémon shouldn’t be, feel free to say.

Pokemon Xenotime

Download Pokemon Xenotime Demo 0.5

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