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Pokemon Virion

Pokemon Virion
Name: Pokemon Virion [PC Game]
Create by: Crystal Noel
Source: Click here!

A stranger plot is afoot in the Fodna Region. The criminal syndicate Cipher has re-emerged after 9 years of inactivity. This time, they’ve got a new trick up their sleeve, a weaponized version of Pokérus, which transforms any infected Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon. In addition, Cipher is seeking out the mysterious Order Fragments, shards of a strange cube connected to the Pokémon Zygarde.
You’re job as the player is to set out and explore the Fodna Region capturing Shadow Pokémon from Cipher members as well as helping find the 8 Order Fragments.


Shadow Pokémon: Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon that have had the door to their hearts closed by artificial means. This once used to be only possible in Cipher’s sinister labs, but now can happen anywhere due to Cipher’s new little virus. To purify a Shadow Pokémon, the player must battle with and carry a Pokémon on hand intil it is ready to purified. Once that point is ready, a Shadow Pokémon can either be purified via the Purify Chamber or at the Lake of Purity.
Poké Pager: The Poké Pager acts as the replacement for HMs in the Fodna Region. It allows the player to page Special Help Pokémon to help clear obtacles in his/her way.
Birthsigns: Pokémon now have special Birthsigned based on which month is was born in. Each birthsign grants special benefits to the Pokémon.
Pokémon Following: Pokémon can now follow the player around like they did in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The following Pokémon can find items for the player as they travel around the Fodna Region.

Demo: Version 2.08

Known Bugs:
There is a slight graphical hicup when the player player crosses a map boundry with a following Pokémon
Generation 7 and Alolan forms do not have sprites and will not display correctly as followers, this is due to not having sprites for them yet.

Pokemon Virion

Download Pokemon Virion Demo V2.0.8

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