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Pokemon Orange Islands

Name: Pokemon Orange Island
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: kalarie.
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=402242

You will play as Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! Just after Ash conquered the Indigo League he got back to his mom in his hometown where Professor Oak also has a new objective for him. He wants Ash to go to Valencia Island to pick up a strange kind of Pokeball for him, since Professor Ivy is unable to send it to him through the PC system. Of course Ash is eager to take this easy objective. What happens after this is, of course, already known to you because we all saw the anime.
In this game Ash will roughly follow the same route as he did in the Anime. I hope to cover all episodes, but I’m not planning to make all events of the episodes necessarily very prominent. I might add some episodes as a big part of the storyline and some episodes more like miniquests.

The Orange Archipelago
4 Gym Leaders & Badges
New Sprites
New Tiles
New Maps
Pikachu as starter and the possibility to get Ash’s other Pokemon early in-game
All Pokemon from Generation I (plus Tracey’s Marill from Generation II)
Physical/Special/Status Split
No Pokeball taken upon failed capture
Items to use Dive, Whirpool, Rock Smash & Rock Climb

The current Beta version (5.5) is completely finished, including the Movie 2000 Event on Shamouti Island.

The surfing Lapras sprite occasionally overlaps some other overworld sprites and sometimes doesn’t appear.
Occasionally, a supereffective Thunderbolt causes an annoying sound loop. For now restarting the game fixes it.

How do I get on the cliffs of Pinkan Island?
Talk to the old lady in Sunburst Island’s Pokemon Center, she will give you a hint. In general, talk to NPC’s. They often tell useful information.

How do I get past the whirlpools to Fairchild Island?
Someone on Trovita Island will give you the Whirlpuller after you beat Rudy. In general, talk to NPC’s. They occasionally give away items.

How can I get to New Island?
Talk to Tracey in Pallet Town after the Shamouti Island Event, he will help you further.

Why are Pokémon in Valencia Park Shiny?
Because they are a different color in the Anime as well.

Why am I not able to climb up a Waterfall?
Waterfall is solely an attacking move in this game. The field effect has been removed on purpose.

How can I get the Crystal Onix?
It’s catchable after you beat the Orange League.

Why did you replace the gym challenges from the Anime for regular Pokémon Battles?
First, the story for this game is based on the Anime and not truthful to the Anime. Therefore, I chose to make gym battles instead of the Anime challenges (Wave race, Sled race, etc), because those fit in better within a Pokémon hack based on Fire Red. After all, the whole game is based on battling with Pokémon, not racing with them.

Why don’t my Pokémon evolve through trading?
Despite the fact that trading is working in Orange Islands, I want to make the Pokedex fully completable without the need to trade. Therefore I made Kadabra, Graveler, Haunter and Machoke evolve at level 40 instead.

Do I need to take Ash’s Pokemon from the Anime with me to make certain events happen?

On what generation are a Pokemon’s moves based in this game?
Generation III, except for some Pokemon that Ash originally obtained in the Anime. Some of those Pokemon will have slightly altered movesets, like Charizard learning Seismic Toss by leveling up and Butterfree learning Gust at an earlier level.

Are you going to include Pokémon from other Generations?
No, they’re not in the Anime and they don’t have my interest. Lugia, Slowking and Marill will be included, however, because they make an appearance in the story.

Pokemon Orange Islands

Download Pokemon Orange Islands Beta 5.5 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Orange Islands Beta 5.5 CIA (Completed)

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