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Pokemon MewYou

Pokemon MewYou
Name: Pokemon MewYou
Create by: Aki
Source: Click here!

MewYou is a game where you get to play as Mew! Most of the story involves trying to avoid being captured by humans, but for the most part you get to pick your battles! Being a jam game, it’s pretty short and simple so I’ll leave it there.


Play and battle as Mew
All wild encounters are visible instead of random chance
Pokemon will rematch multiple times, getting stronger and even evolving
With timing and a healthy dose of luck, you can avoid almost every battle
Opponents level up immediately after battle, and can also evolve (Usually stops at about level 50, but you can keep rematching them anyway)
Buizel is your first partner, but your second is determined by what items you find during your journey!

Normal tier partners: Anorith, Lileep, Archen, Kabuto, Omanyte, Lunatone, Solrock, Flygon, Cryogonal, Magcargo, Swampert
Gold tier partners: Jirachi, Foongus, Breloom, Sandslash, Ho-oh, Keldeo, Shedinja, Shiny Dragonair, Tyranitar, Deino
Last tier partner: Manaphy

The partners are ranked this way just because of how Celebi checks for items in your bag.
If you have any of the Normal items you get to choose from the Normal tier partners. anti fungal and parasites. All these items are rocks that are scattered about in the overworld.
If you’re carrying none of the normal items, Celebi then checks for Gold tier ones. These items are less obvious so are easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.
If you’re not carrying any items that can be given life, you get the Last tier partner.

Pokemon MewYou

Download Pokemon MewYou v2.6