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Pokemon Clandestine

Pokemon Clandestine
Nimi: Pokemon Clandestine
Create by: buttjuice
Source: Click here!

You will be playing the role of Jay (Though, you can name him whatever.) who has recently moved out, and decided to start his journey as a Pokemon trainer in the region of Alressa. He decided that he should finally challenge the gyms with his best friend, Sneasel, whom he had saved from dying in a snow storm when you were a child. Your mother is a scientist that has been working on a machine called the Snag Machine which allows one to steal another persons Shadow Pokemon, in hopes that you will help cure them. Of course, a machine that could potentially cure a Shadow Pokemon is too dangerous for Team Shadow, who wants to put a stop to the progress of this machine before it is completed, and decide to kidnap your mother while you are on your way back from your first gym challenge. You’ll have to figure out what Team Shadow is up to, and save your mom!


-All the Pokemon up to 6th gen including the Fairy type
-4th gen style tiles and overworlds
-DS styled animated battle sprites
-Start with running shoes, can run indoors
-Real time DNS
-All trade evo’s will evolve via leveling up
-Team Shadow
-New title
-Custom gym leaders
-2 rivals, friendly one and a mean one
-Custom party menu
-Custom backsprite and overworld for player
-HMs replaced with items
-Lots of optional events that will reveal a lot of the story, but are not necessary!
-Lots of choices that affect things later on!
-Shadow Pokemon!
-And more to come!

Beta 1.5.5: up a little past the third gym, about 3-4 hours!

Pokemon Clandestine

Download Pokemon Clandestine Beta 1.5.5

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