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Pokemon Angelite

Pokemon Angelite
Nimi: Pokemon Angelite
Create by: Draxxen
Source: Click here!

Welcome to the amazing Zarea area, the adjacent coast of Kanto. The Pokémon that we can find here come mainly from the Kanto Johto region, Hoenn. What is your favorite place to visit Zaela? Both scientists and locals agree on one thing. Zaela is the place to argue that the existence of the legendary Pokémon to start, and probably knows that they have started in life itself. There are many questions to answer. From the city center to the confines of the teardrop islands Zaela to Zaela offers a variety of urban and suburban areas of countryside and wildlife. Here, until recently, the Pokémon League was an unknown concept. All we had was a regional competition. It still exists today. Currently lives in Zaela is a teenager who shares a small apartment with his grandfather. They took me to a childhood orphanage that lived in Kanto and took me here a long time ago. You have never started a Pokemon tour because you are caring for it now. Fortunately, there is a man named Morado in your city who specializes in the history of Pokemon. He has moved to Zaela in the Johto area for the last 10 years. After hearing the story about the origins of the legendary Pokémon, but also Island Mode currently Professor provides a special set of three trainer Pokémon, for reasons that everyone can see the potential can often abstain.

Extremely driven by history, something behind the corner of every person
New Legendary Pokemon
New Territories
Request a melody
Zaela a regional championship
New images and unique graphics
Activate or deactivate the following Pokémon.
Edited NPC sprite
13 gyms in total
Update UI Fighter


Pokemon Angelite

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