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Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
Name: Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
Create by: DarkDoom3000
Source: Click here!

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is a fangame created to recapture the nostalgia of classic Pokemon games.
It’s a throwback to the second generation, featuring retro graphics from G/S/C, battle system from Final Fantasy and a story involving godlike entities, called hypervisors. It takes the Pokemon formula and mixes it with elements of a traditional RPG.
The main character is Gold, a rookie Pokemon trainer, who is tasked to kill the hypervisors and stop the apocalypse. Helping him is his starter Pokemon, a special Eevee which has the uncanny ability to switch between evolutions at will.

Super Eevee
Retro Graphics
Active Battle System (ala Final Fantasy)
Unlimited Movesets
Pooled PP
New Region
Unconventional Storyline
Corrupted Pokemon
Sidequests & Achievements

Gym 7
Encounter Bar
Battle Zone
+ 10 Corrupted Pokemon
Complete Refining list
New Game +

You can update using the launcher, or download directly.
*If you update using the launcher, run NewLauncher.exe first*

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Download Super Pokemon Eevee Edition V0.764

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