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Pokemon The Tree of Time

Pokemon The Tree of Time
Nimi: Pokemon The Tree of Time
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Munichtastics
Source: Click here!

What would you do if you wake up in a world that you do not know?
Being teleported from your world to another world where they need your help.
….. is asking you to help restore the balance in the region of Rengoku.
Find out whats causing the strange behaviour of trainers and pokemon.
What are they trying to find and what are they going to do with it?
Put the puzzle pieces together and you will find the truth!
An adventure with a lot of quests, sidequests and much more!
Stay tuned for more information regarding the hackrom

– The hack will be based on the rom of firered
– BW repel system
– Coloured EV stats + grades (A+ etc.)
– Exp when catching pokemon.
– Fairy type.
– A lot of rivals from the anime like may/ash/trevor/paul/gary and more…
– GEN 1-7 Pokemon with GEN 7 starters
– Every sprite which I use will be updated to DS style
– Every moveset/power will be updated to GEN 7
– Shadow Pokemon (not sure about it yet, (there will be special strange pokemon that the bad guys use)
– Legendaries through quests (everyone of them will be available
– Updated Overworlds
– Main quest and sidequests/sidesidesidequests
– Hidden places where special pokemon are located… (more info soon)

Pokemon The Tree of Time

Download Pokemon The Tree of Time Alpha 1.0

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