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Pokemon Emerald Green

Pokemon Emerald Green
Name: Pokemon Emerald Green
Remake From: Pokemon Leaf Green
Remake by: Sulfurous
Source – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=398635

The game takes place in the KANTO Region, except a slight twist has changed the way everyone interacts and battles with each other. The successful crime syndicate Team Rocket has partnered with a new company called the Trade Bureau, an organization that makes profit through buying and selling Pokemon. Together, they send operatives to catch and steal wild Pokemon by the hundreds to the HOENN Region. Meanwhile, agents in HOENN return the favor by shipping exotic HOENN Pokemon back. Because of this mess, all the KANTO Region Pokemon have decided to migrate to HOENN, while all the HOENN Pokemon did the vice versa. This event was marked as the HOENN Migration, which, in the game, happened not long ago. You, the hero, are a new trainer starting in this HOENN infested region. Grabbing the last KANTO Pokemon, you must fight your way through the region, and help the cause to destroy the corrupt Trade Bureau from causing more regional trouble. Utilizing the wild HOENN Pokemon, you will battle trainers who still have Kanto Pokemon, and ultimately, be forced to face the unstoppable heads of both Team Rocket and the Trade Bureau. The game is a true region vs. region fight, and the outcome as to which one wins is up to you.


Pokemon Emerald Green isn’t the best rom hack out there, but it puts some quite challenging twists on the gameplay. It is recommended you Nuzlocke the game.

Now, here are the core aspects of the game:

– All KANTO Pokemon in the wild have been replaced with their HOENN counterparts. However, the trainers keep their KANTO Pokemon for the most part. This gives the region vs. region flare
-National Pokedex is given to you at the start of the game.
-Edited Storyline and Dialogue to help you immerse yourself into the game.
-Boss Battles, such as Rival, Gym Leaders, and Giovanni, have much stronger teams with unique movesets. Some have both KANTO and HOENN Pokemon!
-Safari Zone is better, it includes a wide variety of Pokemon.


-Some dialogue boxes are slightly messed up. Doesn’t affect gameplay.

Pokemon Emerald Green

Download Pokemon Emerald Green V1 Completed

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