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Pokemon Emerald Advanced

Pokemon Emerald Advanced
Name: Pokemon Emerald Advanced
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Z-nogyroP
source – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=399038

This hack is somewhat similar to FireRed Advanced in that it’s a dex-replacement hack, with a brand new Hoenn Pokédex of 250 Pokémon from generations 1-7. Some favourites from FireRed Advanced make their return, like Fur Coat Furret, Fairy-type Pixilate Delcatty, and Grass/Fire Drought Sunflora, while others are new to the scene, like Strong Jaw Mightyena, Corrosion/Regenerator Garbodor, and Darmanitan with Zen Mode that doesn’t suck.
Of course, there are also plenty of other features. 85 total TMs are available (and they’re of course reusable), and the battle engine has been updated to gen 7 standards, with all that implies. Fairy-types, physical/special split, moves and abilities and items from gens 4-7, all that good stuff.

Features :

New Abilities, Moves, and Other Stuff
– The Crabrawler line gets Side Scuttle, which boosts Speed by one stage whenever it takes an attack
– The Noibat line gets Echolocation, which turns all their sound-based moves Flying-type
– Luvdisc gets Romantic, which lets it infatuate any Pokémon, regardless of gender
– Pixie Dust is a 20 BP Fairy-type attack with a 40% chance to confuse
– Sugar Rush is a special, Fairy-type Thrash
– Comet Shower is a Rock-type Overheat
– Ice-types receive a 50% boost to Defense under hail
– Water Compaction (renamed to just “Compaction” due to character limits) halves damage taken from Water-type moves
– Heatproof grants full immunity to Fire-type moves
– Rattled boosts Speed by 2 stages
– Bulletproof blocks Bullet Punch
– Ice Body and Rain Dish heal 1/8 HP per turn instead of 1/16
– Zen Mode turns Darmanitan into Zen Form when it uses a special attack and Standard Form when it uses a physical attack
– Berries replant themselves forever
– The Daycare provides 2 EXP per step instead of 1
– Obedience levels were raised
– The Rock Smash rocks on Route 111 no longer respawn, to make it less likely for Nuzlockers to get an encounter there instead of in the desert

All Move Changes
– Double Slap has 95% accuracy and 20 PP
– Comet Punch has 20 BP, 95% accuracy, and 25 PP
– Mega Punch has 95% accuracy
– Cut has 60 BP, 100% accuracy, and Steel-type
– Fly has 100% accuracy
– Slam has 120 BP
– Fury Attack has 20 BP, 90% accuracy, and 25 PP
– Wrap has 25 BP
– Poison Sting has 30 BP and a 20% chance to poison
– Submission has 100% accuracy and 15 PP
– Strength has 100 BP
– Absorb has 30 BP
– Mega Drain has 50 BP
– Thunder Wave has perfect accuracy for Electric-types
– Egg Bomb is special
– Barrage has 25 BP and 95% accuracy
– Leech Life has 40 BP and 20 PP
– Fury Swipes has 20 BP, 95% accuracy, and 20 PP
– Rock Slide has 100% accuracy and a 20% flinch chance
– Octazooka has 70 BP, 100% accuracy, and a high critical hit ratio
– Detect has 15 PP
– Swagger has perfect accuracy for Dark-types
– Steel Wing has 100% accuracy
– Attract is Fairy-type
– Heal Bell has 15 PP
– Sweet Scent is Grass-type
– Iron Tail has 85% accuracy and a 20% chance of Defense drop
– Twister has 55 BP
– Rock Smash has 60 BP and a 30% chance of Defense drop
– Dive has 100 BP
– Luster Purge has 80 BP, 10 PP, and a 30% chance of Sp. Defense drop
– Mist Ball has 80 BP, 10 PP, and a 30% chance of Sp. Attack drop
– Crush Claw is Steel-type
– Aromatherapy has 15 PP
– Muddy Water has 90% accuracy and a 20% chance of accuracy drop
– Bounce has 100% accuracy and 10 PP
– Covet is Fairy-type
– Hammer Arm has 100% accuracy
– Dragon Rush has 85% accuracy
– Focus Blast has 110 BP
– Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, and Fire Fang have 100% accuracy
– Zen Headbutt has 95% accuracy
– Frost Breath has 100% accuracy
– Drill Run has 100% accuracy
– Tail Slap has 95% accuracy
– Flying Press has 100% accuracy
– Disarm Voice has 60 BP
– Bane Bunker inflicts toxic poison
– Ice Hammer has 100% accuracy
– Pollen Puff has a 20% chance to inflict paralysis
– Shell Trap has 75 BP and works like Revenge
– Stomping Fit works like Payback but receives a x1.5 boost rather than x2

Gym leader levels

Gym 1- 13-13-14
Gym 2- 18-16-19
Gym 3- 23-23-25-25
Gym 4- 29-30-29-32
Gym 5- 33-32-32-34
Gym 6- 38-39-39-40

General advice

– Every available Pokémon is viable. Yes, including Delcatty. Yes, including Corsola. Yes, including Luvdisc.
– Visit the second level of Pokémon Centres.
– Talk to NPCs as often as possible.
– A few beach routes, like Route 106, have dark sand where you can encounter wild Pokémon if you don’t want to surf or fish.
– The in-game trades are extremely worth it, although only one is available in the current beta.
– The move deleter and move relearner have swapped places, so you can get rid of HMs in Fallarbor.
– Don’t stress over stone evolutions, they continue to learn moves after evolving.
– The “Detailed Dex” document has all the info you need regarding the Pokémon available.
– Altering Cave opens up after defeating the third gym, and the Desert Underpass opens up after beating the fifth and getting the fossil from Mirage Tower. Both are worth visiting.
– Talk to gym leaders after battling them.

To-do list

– Finish the game, obviously
– Fix what bugs I can
– Maybe edit the title screen?
– Postgame?????
– Possibly a challenge mode for people who like to suffer
– That’s basically it

Known Bugs

– Misty Terrain doesn’t prevent Yawn
– Lum Berry has a weird activation message for certain statuses
– Pokémon don’t evolve upon level up from capture EXP
– Catching Mimikyu in its Busted form will have it remain busted until it’s entered battle at least once
– The AI doesn’t understand switching after one of their Pokémon faints (they’ll always be sent out in the same order)
– Burn hasn’t been updated to gen 7 standards (still deals 1/8 HP per turn)
– If you close the game without saving after challenging the Battle Tent, your Pokédex data will be totally cleared; easily avoided by saving immediately after challenging the Battle Tent
– The Battle Facilities as a whole behave weirdly
– Draining Kiss and Parabolic Charge act like dual-type moves, Fairy/Normal and Electric/Normal respectively; they’re resisted by Rock and Steel and ineffective against Ghost

– Dunsparce in Altering Cave can sometimes hold Nuggets for some reason
– The size comparison graphic in the Pokédex hasn’t been edited yet because it’s stupid and I hate it
– When you obtain a TM, it only tells you the number, not the move contained within
– Match Call dialogue has been edited, but I haven’t painstakingly gone through all call dialogue, so I would appreciate reporting any dialogue that’s wildly out of character
– Some major trainers will have Pokémon of the wrong gender, just ignore that and assume they’re gendered according to how their trainer refers to them
– If any of you make any kind of “did you just assume its gender” joke as regards the above point I’m going to personally kick your ass

* Bugs written in red are issues with the ROM bases I used and thus I probably can’t fix them myself.

How far does it go?
Current beta goes up to the water routes east of Lilycove.

Pokemon Emerald Advanced

Pokemon Emerald Advanced Wild Encounters
Pokemon Emerald Advanced Detailed Dex
Pokemon Emerald Advanced Moves Changes
Pokemon Emerald Advanced Trainers
Download Pokemon Emerald Advanced v0.7

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