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Pokemon Tioh – The mark of the sky

Name: Pokemon Tioh – The mark of the sky
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: ???


Feather is a test subject of Darklight Team, and his gene was mixed by human and pokemon. One day, because of an accident, he escaped from Darklight Centre, and then he was saved by an ‘old friend’—Ram.
You lost memory, but you found everyone you don’t know calls you friend. What will you do? Who are your real friend? Who cheats you? And how can you survive?
Inscriptions of the heaven is the only key word. Find out the truth, or…



1. 3 endings
Every choice you made is important, because it is connected with the endings. In bad ending, you will get nothing, but in other two endings, you can catch different Legendary Pokémons.
2. Hard mode
After you finished one of those endings, you will get a password. You can use it to unlock the final chapter at the beginning. This hard mode needs you to train your Pokémon team again and carefully. And the main
3. Double wild battles
Players can encounter 2 wild pokemon at the same time.
4. QTE
It is only a test system, it depends on your feedback, if you don’t like it, it will not appear in the final vision.
5. Advanced Individual Values
You can check every pokemon’s IV details in your intelligence screen.
6. Faction and Reputation
In this hack, you can choose to be a good guy or a bad guy. Completing the missions from police, you will become one of them or even promote. Or, illicit sale, robbery, and do bad things, you will be wanted, and Raiders will welcome you. The activities which affect the reputation are still designing.
7. Drop items
You can get items by defeating wild pokemon. Sometimes those items are for missions.
8. Mega
Same as XY, but still testing.
9. 493 Pokémons
We have 493 pokemons and all Mega pokemons here. Every important pokemon, such as some Legendary Pokémon
10. Switching Character
In this hack, we fixed characters’ name, and players can switch two characters by using an item. Different character has different world, similar but not the same. Players can go across a barrier solve some problems, or complete a mission by switch two characters.
11. Stock
Earn money in an elegant way.
12. Time
The time in game is 30 times faster than real world, and the berries grow faster. And also the date will be recorded so some missions, or pokemons will only appear in specific time.
13. Berry making balls
No balls selling and the only way to get balls is making it. It is not hard to collect berries because the time is faster than origin edition.
14. Open Sea
We don’t want to see there are no difference between “land” road and “water” road, so we just canceled the water road, and give you a broad water area.
15. Clothes changing
Character can change their cloth in specific missions.
16. Up/Down stairs
Character will move x and y axis at the same time when up and down stairs.
17. Mini games
18. New items and new TMs
We added some items and TM of DP.
19. BW poisoning system
Which means pokemons survive with 1HP in poison instead of dying.
20. Rock triggering
Sprits can be triggered by rocks.
21. Fairy Type.
22. Inverse Battle
it’s related to the switch character system, when players control the “girl”, all the battle are inversed.
23. New Original Moves
You’ve seen them in Screenshots.
24. New Original Pokémon
Still designing. Like “Kill of the King” Magikarp.
25. Totem Pokémon
no catching, no escaping. This is the real boss fight (and the enemy will be stronger than the normal ones).
26. Craft system
collect material while travelling (like monster hunter), then use them to craft usable Items. The shop will prefer to sell materials instead of items.



Download Pokemon Tioh – The mark of the sky V0.11

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