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Pokemon Blue Chrome

Name: Pokemon Blue Chrome [Pc Game]
Create by: Luka S.J..


The best feature being bugs:
*Using/giving items on/to Pokemon from the bag menu is (visually) incomplete
*Evolution scene is not really complete, but what the heck
*Capturing Pokemon spazzes out the battle sys for some reason, but it is nothing game breaking
*There may or may not be some mapping/eventing issues
*The PokeCOM may have some issues I forgot to mention here
*When exiting your cousin’s house after the balcony event, the BGM resets
*The battle system lags a little when initializing Pokemon GIFs (blame RMXP)
*The “Action” button gets weird a lot
*Having running toggled on and moving, shows running sprite even when in events
*Map app lags due to poor coding on my part
*Move animations are….crap and incomplete
*Trash data: files not used by the game, pointlessly taking up space (couldn’t be bothered to check them all out)
*Oh, deleting old moves to learn new ones might not work lol. I have no idea.
*Treecko evolves at lv6.

Then come some of the omitted features from the game:
*PWT is not in this
*Any online services/features are not provided
*Battle against Dave is removed
*Double battle with your cousin against Steven is removed due to the lack of graphics
*Some Orbs of Life aren’t fully featured
*Autosave does not show an indicator when activated (it still saves though)
*No mega-evolution bro
*Several apps from the PokeCOM missing (ported to SJWare HD)
*PokeCOM tutorial (it’s long and boring)
*More game content (it’s just a demo)
*Pehwkermanz (unused omitted to save on GIF space)




Download Pokemon Pokemon Blue Chrome Demo

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