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Pokemon Paragon

Name: Pokemon Paragon
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Tainted
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=396990
This game takes place in a alternate universe in the Medley Region, where people from different regions reside, Pokémon from different regions inhabits. New characters also make apperances. Some familiar faces you will encounter are Team Rocket, Team Magma and Team Aqua. What could they be scheming? The same old plans, or something new? Why don’t you as the player join one of them and explore what they’re up to, or choose to fight against them.

• New Moves and abilities
Moves and abilites up to gen 6 have been added. Abilities from gen 1-3 have been updated to match the newer generations,

• Physical/Special/Status Split
Moves now have the PSS Split.

• Fairy Type
Fairy type is in the game.

• New Region
Explore the Medley region and meet new friends, solve mysteries and become the new champion!

• Nature colored stats
A nature that increases a stat is colored red, while blue signifys a decreased stat.

• New Pokédex
A handful Pokémon from gen 4-5 have been added, I might put up a list.

• Mega Evolution
Mega Evolution is in the game, working as intended.

• Join Team Rocket, Team Aqua and Team Magma
Choose one of the team, and join them.

• Choice based events
Based on your actions, things may turn out different in the future, be it small or big.
There’s also loosable battle battles.

• Minor features
Running indoors
BW 2 Repel System
100TMs, updated to the ORAS list
Wild double battles
New Pokéballs
FR/LG fishing

Gen 4 starters doesn’t appear in the Pokédex
Berries in the overworld look weird
When you catch a pokemon and gain exp, the pkmn will not evolve if hit the evolution level
In some events the hero sprite will look in the wrong direction for half a second

Beta 1.1:
Beta ends after the first event in Shamrock, feel free to explore the new areas though

You now recieve the National Dex, showing all Pokémons
You can now rebattle the first gym leader after loosing to her.
Alot of minor fixes.
Gave Team Rocket their battle/encounter theme

Updated hp boxes in the battle
Updated the titlescreen music
Updated the party icons
Updated protagonist sprites
Updated the Pokédex
Updated the exclamations appearing above npc’s
Added “Tainted” to the title screen
Added Apricorns
Added more Pokémon
Removed the bike intro
Removed Pokémon animations
New Pokémon stat changes

DNS System
People will be affected by time, they will move around as the time passes, might have something different to tell. Alot of people will dissapear during the night, some may appear only during the night. Randomized Weather
The weather in large parts of the region will change weather from time to time during long periods

There will be a bug that makes every fish encounter a Tauros



Download Pokemon Paragon Beta 1.1 Hotfix

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