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Pokemon Nobelium

Nimi: Pokemon Nobelium [Pc Game]
Create by: JokerBen
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=381355

The Origin:
You live with your mother in the small quiet town of Waterloo. Your father, a famous and powerful trainer, went missing after going on an international expedition. With the help of Professor Bartek, you continue your family’s legacy and begin a quest in Aloma to develop the skills of a Pokémon trainer.

The Journey:
Departing Waterloo with your best friends, Leon and Tsu, you will embark on a journey around Aloma. You will encounter different types and species of Pokémon and face a variety of strong Gym Leaders. Along your travels, you will witness first-hand some dark sides that plague Aloma and the controversies created by the Aloma League, all while you, Leon, and Tsu compete with each other.

The Significance:
As a player, you will find yourself buried in mysteries as you progress on your adventure. Some examples of that being an unexpected redemption arc for a franchise-favorite character and aiding Aloma officials in an investigation into the elusive Team Venom.


Pokémon Nobelium is a host of many features, both fan-favorites from the Pokémon franchise as well as original features.
RichTech – A device that the player may use to access the town map, monitor Pokémon in the Day Care, and more
The Aloma Region – Explore and discover beautiful maps in the extensive region
Pokémon World Tournament – Battle famous trainers from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and more
Custom PokéDex – There are a variety of amazing Pokémon to be caught
Reasonable Level Curve – Don’t waste so many hours grinding your team
Elaborate Plot – Enjoy the complexity of this game’s surprising story and all the twists it has to offer
Legendary/Mythical Encounters – Discover an assortment of rare Pokémon

PROGRESS: Completed

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Download Pokemon Nobelium V1.7

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