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Pokemon Mirage Of Tales (Version 2017)

Name: Pokemon Mirage Of Tales (Version 2017)
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Avara
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=308704

You play the role of an orphaned sixteen year old who gained a scholarship at the Pokémon Trainer Academy in the region of Avlar, a peaceful country with a rich history famed for its vast woodlands and high mountains. It’s the day of your graduation; time for you to get a job and go out into the big wide world with your Pokémon by your side.

Open World
Wild Pokémon and trainers in all areas grow stronger as you do, so you can go anywhere you like right from the start. Restriction does exist in situations where you might have to unlock an item to progress to some areas (e.g. you’ll need Surf to cross water), but there’s no random roadblocking (e.g. pointless Viridian City coffee guy).

Choose Your Trainer Class
You can pick your own Career once you graduate from school. Each one will give you a different storyline and alternate quests. So, depending on the Career you take you’ll experience the game completely differently! There are currently 7 Careers to choose from, but you may only take one. Choose wisely!

The Freelance Career

The simplest way to play the game; it’s exactly what it sounds like.
You’ll have no Boss to do things for and no HQ to report back to – you’re just a lone Trainer trying to make a name for themselves.
If you’d like to play the game the way you’d play a normal Pokémon game, with absolutely no loyalties to anyone but yourself, this is the path best suited to you!

The Researcher Career

Join Avlar’s Research team and become a Pokémon Researcher!
You’ll be doing various missions like field work or collecting data for your Pokédex, and you’ll even be whisked away to exclusive unexplored areas.
Do you have what it takes to work your way up to become a Pokémon Professor?

The Criminal Career

A new Gang has arrived in Avlar and they’re causing all kinds of problems in the region with their antics.
Stealing Pokémon? Mugging people? Making mischievious plans? All part of your job, and the Gang will become your family.
If you always preferred playing on the side of the bad guys, this is the Career for you!

The Seeker Career

Seekers are a prestigious (or pretentious, depending on who you ask) group of famous Trainers.
Their main objective is to own as many rare or even Legendary Pokémon as they can to further their reputation and uphold their self-proclaimed “Elite” status.
If you love hunting for rare Pokémon, this is the path you’ll like the most.

The Journalist Career (new!)

Employees of the Avlarian TV Station have a reputation for being gossip-hungry and will do anything to get a good story.
As a Journalist, your job is to hunt down all the well-known Trainers of the land to get insider info, and you’ll get invites to all kinds of events for “work”.
Who’s to say you won’t become more famous than the Trainers you’re chasing along the way, though?

The Police Career (new!)

With so much going on in the region, there’s no rest for the poor Officers at the Avlar Police Department.
Fighting crime, managing the Prison (or sending people there!), and detective work are just some of the things you’ll get up to.
Will you be one of those cops who “turns a blind eye” to crime? Or will you abuse your position of authority to the point of hilarity for your own amusement? It’s up to you!

The Ranger Career (new!)

Many Trainers have high hopes of joining the well-respected Ranger Union of Avlar.
After your intitial Academy-style training, your duties will involve protecting endangered Pokémon, taking care of the environment and helping the needy.
This Career will be your first choice if you want the mission-based gameplay, but without the “organisation” feel.

Side Careers
———————————————————————————————————————————————————— In addition to your chosen main Career, you can also take a Side-Career later in the game; these are “unlocked” through meeting certain conditions. As with main Careers, you can only choose one! I am taking suggestions for Side-Careers for the remake, as the SCs here are the same as the original.

The Gym Leader Side-Career

Have you ever dreamed of running your very own Pokémon Gym? Now you can!
Defeating each of the eight Avlarian Gyms will prove you have what it takes.
You’ll start off running the first Gym and work your way up until you become the final Gym Leader of the region!

The Breeder Side-Career

Many Trainers take their Pokémon to the qualified members of staff at the Pokémon Breeding Organisation.
Some people breed Pokémon for egg moves, IVs and more – you’ll be doing it professionally!
If you’re one who has the patience to hatch every Egg you can get your hands on, you’ll have fun as a Breeder.

*NEW Side-Career to be announced! Watch this space!*



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