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Pokemon Emerald – Wally Version

Name: Pokemon Emerald – Wally Version
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Bladecraft
Source – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=396859
You are playing Pokémon Emerald – Wally Version
This ROM hack of Emerald was meant to be as if a special version was released around the time of releasing Emerald, and before the 4th gen.
Therefore, there is no Physical/Special split, decapitalisation, B/W repel system and so on and so forth.
Though, a lot of Pokémon got buffed, and every Pokémon in the Hoenn Pokedex is obtainable in one single player playthrough.
Also, since this is Wally Version, the player (you) is encouraged to use all 5 of the Pokémon that Wally used in his team in Pokémon Emerald.
Ralts – Your starter, obviously.
Delcatty – Has been buffed to have great stats (look at pokémon stat changes list) and appears in a cutscene!
Magneton – Buffed, and joins the team in a cool side quest in your adventure!
Roselia – Offensive stats (attack, special attack and speed) have been buffed to Roserade’s respective stats.
Altaria – Buffed, and comes for the rescue in the time of need, when it’s the least expected.

Two of them (excluding your starter) will be given to you during your adventure, no spoiling!
The other two will be comfortable to catch, appearing in places during the storyline.
For the 6th slot in your party, I recommend picking the obvious Water Type, so you have a Pokémon in your team that can use Surf or other Water HM’s.
Either that or get an HM slave, I mean, Wally had to get to Victory Road somehow.

Every time we have played Pokémon Emerald, we have unwillingly helped to Wally catch that Ralts.
Every playtrough, we had to shatter his will in Mauville, because only like that we could get that badge for ourselves.
And in victory road… Wally came and almost wrecked us.

That level 5 Ralts that’s both impossible to appear in game, and how the hell did he level it up if it learns confusion on level 6?
There are many questions regarding Wally’s journey, like this one. This story will attempt to answer all of them.

The game plays in an alternate universe. In here, Wally is the one that beats Brendan. Wally is the one that we see through his eyes.
Wally will be the Pokémon League Champion.
You start out in Petalburg, with your Uncle, you go to Petalburg Gym to ask for a Pokémon, and from there your destiny will take you to where you belong.

The biggest and most important feature is that you play as Wally in the game, and progress through his story!
A genuine 3rd generation feel to the game – A Nostalgic feeling combined with something new!
Big buffs to many Pokémon!
The entire Hoenn Dex is obtainable in one single playthrough!
Tougher Updated Gym Leaders teams!
You may choose between a single or a double battle if you’re facing a gym leader!
In order to use rock smash, you only need your starter in your party!
You can now fight trainers in gyms that you’ve defeated!

Pokémon Stat Changes:
Many Pokémon are buffed. Noticeable differences are the Skitty line and Roselia.
Here is a list of all of the changes, note, it’s long:
Poochyena’s Special Attack is 55 (was 30)
Mightyena’s Special Attack is 90 (was 60)
Mightyena’s Speed is 80 (was 70)
Linoone’s Special attack is 70 (was 50)
Beautifly’s Special Attack is 100 (was 90)
Dustox’s Special Defense is 100 (was 90)
Lombre’s Speed is 55 (was 50)
Ludicolo’s Speed is 75 (was 70)
Shiftry’s Special Attack is 95 (was 90)
Swellow’s Attack is 90 (was 85)
Pelipper’s Speed is 90 (was 65)
Masquerain’s Speed is 80 (was 60)
Shedinja’s Special Attack is 90 (was 30)
Whismur’s Speed is 35 (was 28)
Loudred’s Speed is 55 (was 48)
Exploud’s Speed is 75 (was 68)
Skitty’s Attack is 65 (was 45)
Skitty’s Special Attack is 40 (was 35)
Skitty’s Defenses & Speed are 5 more (Defense 45+5 | Special Defense 35+5 | Speed 50+5)
Delcatty’s Attack is 105 (was 65)
Delcatty’s Special Attack is 65 (was 55)
Delcatty’s Defenses & Speed are 10 more (Defense 65+10 | Special Defense 55+10 | Speed 60+10)
Tentacool’s Special Attack is 55 (was 50)
Tentacruel’s Special Attack is 85 (was 80)
Magneton’s Speed is 80 (was 70)
Roselia’s Attack is 70 (was 60)
Roselia’s Speical Attack is 125 (was 100)
Roselia’s Speed is 90 (was 65)
Altaria’s Both Attack Stats are 80 (were 70)
Tropius’s Both Defense Stats are 90 (Defense was 83, Special Defense was 87)
Vulpix’s Special Attack and Special Defense are swapped (Special Attack – 65 | Special Defense – 50)
Ninetales’s Special Attack and Special Defense are swapped (Special Attack – 100 | Special Defense – 81)

Pokémon Locations:
As written earlier, the entirety of the Hoenn Pokedex is obtainable in one single playthrough.
Hint: If you’re missing a specific Pokémon, press ctrl+F to open a search menu.
Here is a list of the earliest place you can encounter a specific pokémon.
If the pokémon is unobtainable in the wild, it will say evolve and the method of evolution.
If a pokémon is obtainable in the wild but can evolve, it will state only the evolution method.
If a pokémon is obtained through an event, it will state that it is obtained that way, but no spoilers.
Also it will state a route to get more of these pokémon.
Also this list will mention all in game trades and locations.
Catching all of the pokémon is required to see the game’s final ending, so don’t kill any legendaries!

Treecko – Petalburg Woods (1%, good luck!)
Grovyle – Evolve Treecko (Level 16)
Sceptile – Evolve Grovyle (Level 36)
Torchic – Jagged Pass
Combusken – Evolve Torchic (Level 16)
Blaziken – Evolve Combusken (Level 36)
Mudkip – Petalburg City (Super Rod)
Marshtomp – Evolve Mudkip (Level 16)
Swampert – Evolve Marshtomp (Level 36)
Poochyena – Route 117
Mightyena – Evolve Poochyena (Level 18)
Zigzagoon – Route 103
Linoone – Evolve Zigzagoon (Level 20)
Wurmple – Route 104
Silcoon – Evolve Wurmple (Level 7, Random)
Beautifly – Evolve Silcoon (Level 10)
Cascoon – Evolve Wurmple (Level 7, Random)
Dustox – Evolve Cascoon (Level 10)
Lotad – Route 102
Lombre – Evolve Lotad (Level 16)
Lodicolo – Evolve Lombre (Water Stone)
Seedot – Route 102
Nuzleaf – Evolve Seedot (Level 16)
Shiftry – Evolve Seedot (Leaf Stone)
Taillow – Route 116
Swellow – Evolve Tailow (Level 22)
Wingull – Route 104
Pelipper – Evolve Wingull (Level 25)
Ralts – Starter | Route 102
Kirlia – Evolve Ralts (Level 20)
Gardevoir – Evolve Kirlia (Level 30)
Surskit – Route 102
Masquerain – Evolve Surskit (Level 22)
Shroomish – Petalburg Woods
Breloom – Evolve Shroomish (Level 23)
Slakoth – Petalburg Woods
Vigoroth – Evolve Slakoth (Level 18)
Slaking – Evolve Vigoroth (Level 36)
Abra – Route 116
Kadabra – Evolve Abra (Level 16)
Alakazam – Evolve Alakazam (Level 36)
Nincada – Route 116
Ninjask – Evolve Nincada (Level 20)
Shedinja – Evolve Nincada (Level 20) while having an extra pokeball and room in party
Whismur – Rusturf Tunnel
Loudred – Evolve Whismur (Level 20)
Exploud – Evolve Loudred (Level 40)
Makuhita – Granite Cave
Hariyama – Evolve Makuhita (Level 24)
Goldeen – Fishing w/ Good Rod Route 102
Seaking – Evolve Goldeen (Level 33)
Magikarp – Fishing w/ Old Rod Practically Anywhere
Gyarados – Evolve Magikarp (Level 20)
Azurill – Route 104
Marill – Evolve Azurill (Maximum Happiness)
Azumarill – Evolve Marill (Level 18)
Geodude – Granite Cave
Graveler – Evolve Geodude (Level 25)
Golem – Evolve Graveler (Level 40)
Nosepass – Granite Cave (Room With Steven)
Skitty – Route 116
Delcatty – Evolve Skitty (Moon Stone)
Zubat – Meteor Falls
Golbat – Evolve Zubat (Level 22)
Crobat – Evolve Golbat (Maximum Happiness)
Tentacool – Surfing Anywhere
Tentacruel – Evolve Tentacool (Level 30)
Sableye – Granite Cave B2F
Mawile – Granite Cave B2F
Aron – Granite Cave
Lairon – Evolve Aron (Level 32)
Aggron – Evolve Lairon (Level 42)
Machop – Route 112
Machoke – Evolve Machop (Level 28)
Machamp – Evolve Machoke (Level 45)
Meditite – Rusturf Tunnel
Medicham – Evolve Meditite (Level 37)
Electrike – Route 110
Manetric – Evolve Electrike (Level 26)
Plusle – Route 110 | Trade for Volbeat (Fortree City)
Minun – Route 110
Magnemite – Route 121
Magneton – Evolve Magnemite (Level 30)
Voltorb – New Mauville
Electrode – Evolve Voltorb (Level 30)
Volbeat – Route 117
Illumise – Route 117
Oddish – Route 117
Gloom – Evolve Oddish (Level 21)
Vileplume – Evolve Gloom (Leaf Stone)
Bellossom – Evolve Gloom (Sun Stone)
Doduo – Safari Zone (North East, South East, South West)
Dodrio – Evolve Doduo (Level 31)
Roselia – Given in Event (NO SPOILERS) | Route 117
Gulpin – Route 110
Swalot – Evolve Gulpin (Level 26)
Carvanha – Fishing w/ Good Rod Route 119
Sharpedo – Evolve Carvanha (Level 30)
Wailmer – Fishing w/ Good Rod Route 122
Wailord – Evolve Wailmer (Level 40)
Numel – Route 112
Camerupt – Evolve Numel (Level 33)
Slugma – Fiery Path
Magcargo – Evolve Slugma (Level 38)
Torkoal – Fiery Path
Grimer – Fiery Path
Muk – Evolve Grimer (Level 38)
Koffing – Fiery Path
Weezing – Evolve Koffing (Level 35)
Spoink – Jagged Pass
Grumpig – Evolve Spoink (Level 32)
Sandshrew – Route 113
Sandslash – Evolve Sandshrew (Level 22)
Spinda – Route 113
Skarmory – Route 113
Trapinch – Desert Ruins
Vibrava – Evolve Trapinch (Level 35)
Flygon – Evolve Vibrava (Level 45)
Cacnea – Desert Ruins
Cacturne – Evolve Cacnea (Level 32)
Swablu – Given in Event (NO SPOILERS) | Route 114
Altaria – Evolve Swablu (Level 35)
Zangoose – Route 114
Seviper – Route 114
Lunatone – Meteor Falls
Solrock – Meteor Falls
Barboach – Fishing w/ Good Rod Route 114
Whiscash – Evolve Barboach (Level 30)
Corphish – Fishing w/ Good Rod Petalburg City
Crawdaunt – Evolve Corphish (Level 30)
Baltoy – Desert Ruins
Claydol – Evolve Baltoy (Level 36)
Lileep – Root Fossil/Desert Ruins
Cradily – Evolve Lileep (Level 40)
Anorith – Claw Fossil/Desert Ruins
Armaldo – Evolve Anorith (Level 40)
Igglybuff – Route 115
Jigglypuff – Evolve Igglybuff (Max Happiness)
Wigglytuff – Evolve Jigglypuff (Moon Stone)
Feebas – Underwater
Milotic – Evolve Feebas (Water Stone)
Castform – Buy at the Weather Institute from a Scientist
Staryu – Fishing w/ Super Rod Lilicove City
Starmie – Evolve Staryu (Water Stone)
Kecleon – Devon Scope around Fortree, Route 119
Shuppet – Route 121
Banette – Evolve Shuppet (Level 37)
Duskull – Route 122
Dusclops – Evolve Duskull (Level 37)
Tropius – Route 119
Chimecho – Mt. Pyre (Summit)
Absol – Route 120
Vulpix – Mount Pyre
Ninetales – Evolve Vulpix (Firestone)
Pichu – Route 104
Pikachu – Evolve Pichu (Maximum Happiness)
Raichu – Evolve Pikachu (Thunder Stone)
Psyduck – Safari Zone (Surfing)
Golduck – Evolve Psyduck (Level 33)
Wynaut – Egg in Lavaridge
Wobbuffet – Evolve Wynaut (Level 15)
Natu – Safari Zone
Xatu – Evolve Natu (Level 25)
Girafarig – Safari Zone
Phanpy – Safari Zone
Donphan – Evolve Phanphy (Level 25)
Pinsir – Safari Zone
Heracross – Safari Zone
Rhyhorn – Safari Zone
Rhydon – Evolve Rhyhorn (Level 42)
Snorunt – Shoal Cave
Glalie – Evolve Snorunt (Level 42)
Spheal – Shoal Cave
Sealeo – Evolve Spheal (Level 32)
Walrien – Evolve Sealeo (Level 44)
Clamperl – Underwater
Huntail – Evolve Clamperl (High Personality Level 25)
Gorebyss – Evolve Clamperl (Low Personality Level 25)
Relicanth – Underwater
Corsola – Fishing w/ Super Rod Route 128
Chinchou – Underwater
Lanturn – Evolve Chinchou (Level 27)
Luvdisc – Fishing w/ Good rod Route 128
Horsea – Surfing at Route 102
Seadra – Evolve Horsea (Level 32)
Kingdra – Evolve Seadra (Max Happiness)
Bagon – Granite Cave, only the room with Steven, very rare encounter.
Shelgon – Evolve Bagon (Level 30)
Salamence – Evolve Shelgon (Level 50)
Beldum – One of a kind obtained from Steven sometime.
Metang – Evolve Beldum (Level 20)
Metagross – Evolve Metang (Level 45)
Regirock – Same as R/S/E
Regice – Same as R/S/E
Registeel – Same as R/S/E
Latias – After the Elite Four you can talk to your Uncle to get the ticket to the island.
Latios – Look Latias
Kyogre – Same as Emerald
Groudon – Same as Emerald
Rayquaza – Aftergame
Jirachi – Aftergame
Deoxys – Look Latias

Bugs are up to date with the latest version the Beta V0.95.

Severity Level:
1 – Changes Practically Nothing
2 – Should Avoid This Bug
3 – Extremely Gamebreaking
3 – Do not forget to pick up Swablu in the story or the game’s story will mess up horribly.
2 – While technically not a bug, the champion’s fight isn’t actually updated, therefore, you should save the game after Drake’s fight and not continue until the next update releases, which I assume will take a few months, but it’s on the way.
1 – Some of the houses in Pacifidlog are messed up, if you enter one house you might exit from another, nothing too serious.

Severity Level:
1 – Changes Practically Nothing
2 – Should Avoid This Bug
3 – Extremely Gamebreaking
No bugs! Yet…

Changelog with v0.95; The Beta ends after you beat the Elite Four!



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