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Dragon Ball Z Team Training

Name: Dragon Ball Z Team Training
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Z-Max
Source – credit: Dragon-ball-z-team-training.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z_Team_Training_Wikia


Dragon Ball Z Team Training is a Pokemon Fire Red mod that makes your game all the DBZ epicness you could ever want. Basically, if you wanted to have a pet Goku to fight your enemies with in Pokemon, this is all of that and more.

Pokemons are replaced by “fighters”. There are 165 fighters in this game.
There are 170 attacks including 130 new attacks (techniques from Dbz)
with new animations of course, and 30 old attacks (from Pokémon, like Headbutt for example).
new maps for some cities.
changed some overworld sprites too. (mini-sprites on the maps)
Many items were added. (capsules, senzu…etc)


Major and minor changes in V7
-15 new characters (including transformations):
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, SSJ Blue 2 Vegeta, Cabba + SSJ and SSJ2, Kale + Berserk and Mastered Berserk, Caulifla + SSJ and SSJ2, Kefla + Mastered Berserk, Jimizu and Damon.

-5 new musics:
*the title screen theme has been changed by the opening chala head chala.
*the wild battle theme has been changed by a battle music from DBZ.
*the end credits music (after beating the league) has been changed by the ending “We were angels”.
*the SSJ God appearance theme has been changed by the DBS opening Limit-Break x Survivor.
*the Tanoby ruins theme has been changed by Jiren’s theme.

-Some backsprites improved: Biomen, Buyon, Chiaotzu and Goten (SSJ too)
-Evolution of SSB Goku at level 65 instead of 70


Location of new characters in V7
*Cabba: Water Path (Six Island)
*Caulifla and Kale: Three Isle Port (in the grass spot after getting past the cave)
The evolution of Kale (at level 25) is likely to be the berserk form. The only way to have the mastered berserk is to have the same attack and defense stats before evolving.
*Kefla: potara fusion of Caulifla and Kale.
There may be not enough potaras in the game however…solution = cheat codes or trades from another party.
*Jimizu: Scufib Chamber (Tanoby Ruins, Seven Island)
*Damon: Pattern Bush (Six Island)

Fusion System
The machine is located at Roshi’s Island in the lab. This system lets you merge 2 fighters for 30000 zenis, one at the first place of your party and another one that you can choose in the party.
About the moves, you can keep the first two moves of your fighters. For example if the 1st two moves of vegeta are final flash and big bang, and the 1st two moves of goku are kamehameha and genkidama, then gogeta will have these 4 moves. but you can also say to the scientist that you want gogeta to learn his default moves(in this case, the moves he will learn depend on his level).
How does the fusion work?
The fusion is an average of the levels, the IVs and the EVs. it means that the level of the fused fighter is an addition of the 2 levels that is then divided by 2.
For example goku lvl.40 + vegeta lvl.60 = gogeta lvl.50.
In the same way, IVs and EVs of the fusion are an average of the base fighters values.
But of course, making an average of this data doesn’t mean that the fusion is as strong as the 2 fighters. What makes the fusion very powerful is the base stats.
The base stats of the fused fighters like gogeta are far higher than the base stats of the unfused fighters. Maybe that doesn’t sound clear but the fusion will always give a fighter that is much stronger than the initial fighters. There is only one variable that may make the fusion weaker in one stat, it’s the nature. It’s generated randomly and it causes a loss of 10% on one particular stat, but it causes also an increase of 10% in another stat, then it’s well-balanced.
The only problem with the fusion is the loss of experience points and the shiny status. The fusion doesn’t record this data from the initial fighters.

Now, about the possible fusions, here is a list:
*metamol fusion:
goku + vegeta = gogeta
goten + trunks = gotenks
*potara fusion:
goku + vegeta = vegeto
kaioshin + kibito = kibitoshin
zamasu + black = merged zamasu
*special fusion:
super buu + ultm gohan = buuhan
super buu + ssj3 gotenks = buutenks
baby + majin vegeta = baby vegeta
c-17 holding an up-grade + c-17 = super c-17

About the merging items (potara and up-grade):
The potara earrings can be obtained as prizes in the trainer tower (z and double z mode), you can also find a potara on the ground in victory road and kindle road (except if you already picked the replaced items in your current save), and zamasu and black hold a potara when you capture them. The up-grade is the prize you win when you complete the GT mode in the trainer tower.

Trainer Tower
There are 4 battle modes, you can choose the z mode, the double z mode(that is just a mode with duo battles and different foes), the gt mode or the super mode.
The prizes for each mode respectively are: potara, potara, up-grade and god stone.



More information (cheat, item list, …..):
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