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Pokemon Evil World

Nimi: Pokemon Evil World
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: ?????









[Google Translated]

Look at the bottom of the picture.

2: increase the ghost town map and mysterious day cave 2 big map. Well, there are always some interesting stories on the map. The The Specific study of their own bar. The The Hee hee hee.

3: increase the rare props of the plot, such as magic candy and master ball. Magic candy to be defeated Xiaozhi get.
Master of the ball to help Dr. Cave study to defeat a PM 30 can be obtained.

4: an increase of the fire rock team to grab the ball of the interesting story, mainly around the fire rock team want to use the master ball to capture the ancient animals to rule the world and Arsius want to destroy the plot of this world.

5: an increase of Chen Ji4 brother and sister business story, each businessman to sell some rare props, each salesperson in different places, where specific, their own to find. The The This is also one of the highlights of the game.

6: increase the number of trainers war script, such as small Chi Battle and Ruby from the tree plot of the plot.

7: with the dark charm of the map of the block. {Glamorous glamorous author agrees}

In fact, there are many stories without one by one introduced by the players themselves to study it The The

The next is some of the revised map.
Pokemon Evil World

Download Pokemon Evil World Beta 3.4

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