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Pokemon Zoala

Name: Pokemon Zoala
Remake by: U-Hacks
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=389816

Story Line

You are a 10 year old boy from mealva village
One day you get your pokemon from Prof.Oak.
After receiving your first pokemon you started your journey.
Meeting U-Hacks and more persons you get going on your journey in zoala region.

Fixed Bug Game Frozen in 2nd town.
no other known bug

Alpha Features
New region Zoala.
Zoala region starters : Jolteon Flareon & Vapreon
You can catch starters pokemons of kanto and zoala.
New and edited routes.
New Cities.

Versions Features
New Region Zoalas
You can catch the starter pokemons of Kanto
New and edited Paths
New Cities
New Graphics

Game Length =

Alpha 1.7 = up to 3rd Gym (Opalia City)
V 0.1.7 = upto Waster Path

Pokemon World Zoala is the hack of Pokemon Zoala Version 0.1.7! (it means hack of hack).
There are no more versions! , there are Generations instead!
Now let’s begin the new adventure!
Generation 1
The first of Generation 1 is ET Unaloa!

Features :
* New Region Unaloa
* 5th Generation Pokemons
* The first of ET
* New graphics
* New Tilesets
* Hack of Pokemon Zoala V 0.1.7

I advice you to save your game frequently.
* Some people’s scripts and signboard’s are wrong.

ET Unaloa : Till Wasi City.



Download Pokemon World Zoala ET Unaloa! (Final Version)
Download Pokemon Zoala V0.1.7
Download Pokemon Zoala Alpha 1.7

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