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Pokemon Hard Fire

Name: Pokemon Hard Fire
Remake by: DarkFire72
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: pokemontrash.com/club/rom-hacking/(gba)pokemon-hard-fire-(version-2-2)-fr

Pokemon Hard-fire – French Version. This Hack Rom is to make you rediscover the version FireRed in French.
Progressing: 99%


New tiles
Pokémon 4G,5G&6G
New starters: Pichu-Grenouss-Feunnec
Change back-sprite and Ow’s Heroes
Added Pokémon the type fairy
All the starters are offered, sold or exchanged during the adventure,
Modification of most maps
All Pokémon are captured
Level of higher trainers and their different Pokémon
Change the music
Fight against exclusive characters
New place to discover
Total Change Mont Celenite
All legendary catchable
Incapturable / New
Chenipan – Lepidonille
Chrysacier – Peregrain
Paiplusion – Prismillon
Aspico – Passerouge
Coconfort – Braisillon
Dardagnan – Flambusard
Ratata – Chacripan
Ratatac – Leopardus
Nidoran F – Feunec
Nidorina – Roussile
Nidoqueen – Goupelin
Nidoran M – Grenouss
Nidorino – Croaporal
Nidoking – Anphinobi
Paras – Crikzik
Parasect – Melokrik
Tentacool – Venalgue
Tentacruel – Cravarech
Goupix – Helionceau
Feunnard – Nemelios
Tadmorv – Cradopaud
Grotadmorv – Coatox
Fouinette – Pandespigle
Fouinard – Pandarbar
Watwat – Lixy
Lainergie – Luxio
Pharamp – Luxray
Exelangue – Leuphori
Toudoudou – Elekable
Melo – Maganon
Axoloto – Mustebouée
Maraiste – Mustéflote
Mentali – Philaly
Noctali – Givrali
Grainivole – Mega Florizard
Floravole – Mega Dracaufeu
Cotovole – Mega Tortank
Tournegrain – Capidextre
Heliatronc – Togekiss
Mimitos – Apitrini
Aeromite – Apireine
Ningale – Venipatte
ninjask – Scobolide
Munja – Brutapode
Minidraco – Griknot
Draco – Carmache
Dracoloss – Carshacrok
piafabec – furaiglon
rapasdepic – gueriegle
makuhita – riolu
hariyama – lucario
Posipi – Pachirisu
negapi – Dedenne
Meditika – kungfouine
charmina – Shaofouine
Lugia – Xerneas
Ho-oh – Yveltal
Celebi – Diancie

/// Masquerade / temporary icons \\\

Nemelios owns the Helioncomb icon.
Diancie owns Celebi’s icon.
Rinasthoc owns the icon of insolourdo.

List of new types for Pokemon
Mega Venusaur – poison grass
mega Charizard – fire dragon
mega Blastoise – ice water
Luxray – Dark Electrik
Mienshao – Psychic fight
Dedenne – electric fairy
Pachirisu – electric fairy

List of new types for attacks
– Cup = Plant
– Fist Comet = Fairy
– Lullaby = Fairy
– Metronome = Fairy
– Bomb Egg = Fairy
– Grobisous: – * = Fairy
– Flash = Fairy (can fall asleep)
– Moonbeam = Fairy

List of data / Soluces
-Xerneas is at the back of the safari park next to the house of the character that gives you surfing.
-Yveltal is on the top floor of the Pokémon Tower.

-Diancie is at the top of Mount Celenite, in the Manor.

-Raikou is at the Kanto power station.
-Entei is in the basement of Pokémon Manor.
-Suicune is on Route 14

-Groudon is at the top of the mountain embers.
-Kyogre is at the bottom of Pierced Hole on Island 6.

– First of all join “island 6”, then follow the pictures (above) to the cave of “the island of far” and finally join the rock of the Rock Nombri.

-Mew is carmine on sea, next to the famous truck of our childhood.
-Mewtwo is in the Azure Cave.

-Jirachi is in the Tanoby Ruin, in the Anemune Room.

-Déoxys is on the ground floor of the foam island, in the cave in the center of the image.

-Latias is on the road 16.
-Latios is on channel 20 from Cramoiz’île on the right.

-Sulfura is found in tall grass, outside Mount Braise.
-Electhor is at the Central, wild.
-Articodin is at the Ice Cave, on Island 4, in wild.

-Regis is on the island 4, in the ice cave.
-Registeel and Regirock is found, wild, in the Metamo cave.

List of new Evolution Chains:
Pichu – niv16
Pikachu – niv36 or lightning stone (I will double check if I modify)
Togetic – Moon Stone
Mega Venusaur – Leaf Stone
Mega Charizard – Fire Stone
Mega Blastoise – Water Stone
Scatterbug – Level 9
Spewpa – Level 15
Passeroue – Level 16
Fletchinder – Level 30
Etourmi – level 18
Starly – level 36
Purrloin – level 20
Rufflet – level 20
Fennekin – level 16
Braixen – level 36
Frogadier – level 16
Froakie – level 36
Litleo – fire stone
Kricketot – level 16
Vespiquen – level 31
Skrelp – level 30
Croagunk – level 33
Poliwhirl – Tarpaud with Happiness
kadabra – level 30
Machoke – level 30
Graveler – level 30
Rhinastock – level 40
Haunter – level 30
onix – level 25
Electabuzz – level 30
Magmortar – level 30
Philaly – sun stone
Glaceon – moon stone
Gible – level 30
Gabite – level 50
Pancham – level 18
musébouée – level 20
insecatur – level 37
lixy – level 15
luxio – level 30
Ambipom – Happiness
Riolu – level 24

Why Pichu as 3rd starter?
Well, because at the base it should be pikachu only but I prefer to leave the choice of the player of his starting pokémon and not to impose it to have more sense of freedom.

Are all pokémons from 1g to 6g all present in the game?
Only some pokemon of each generation have been added. (About 400)



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