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Pokemon Fire Yellow

Name: Pokemon Fire Yellow
Remake by: longlostsoldier
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red

Basic storyline:

* Find Pikachu in your house.
* Be given the pokedex by certain someone else. Oak is off hunting Clefairy; you just missed him leave, actually.
* Encounter Gary, who asks what you are doing and brags he already has 6 pokemon and doesn’t have to go to school because he has a trainer license.
* A chance to catch Fearow.
* Team Rocket
* Rescue Caterpie from Pidgeotto event
* Charmander
* Squirtle
* Bulbasaur
* Clefairy vs. Onix at Mt. Moon, find Pro. Oak
* Team Rocket at Mt. Moon, fossils
* Game Corner
* Hang out with Brock at the Museum
* Bill (mostly done, still want to add special Pikachu reaction)
* Haunter
* Misty and her Gyarados gym battle.
* Togepi
* A couple Alolan pokemon obtainable as easter-eggs. Figure out how to get them if you can.

Not done:
* S.S Anne
* Professor Elm in Johto.
* Johto Gyms. There’s like… 1 of them.
* A brief Mew appearance? (No catching, obvs)
* Pokeflute, Snorlax (it is Yellow remake after all)
* Lost pokemon?
* A Pokemon race??
* Bill learns Team Rocket has stolen his updated teleportation technology, and is using it to break into Silph Co.
* Pokemon League,
* Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Suicune, Entei, Raiku, Celebi
* Flying Pikachu event? with balloons? maybe…
* Johto
* Fight Gold/Crystal at the Mountain? (I currently have no sprite for this, but easy enough to remedy…)
* Meet Your Father? (maybe)
* Convince Jessie and James to Turn to Good?
* Convince Gary to be less of a jerk, become new gym leader after Gio?
* Fight Ho-oh and Lugia with Gary?
* Start your own team to prevent Team Rocket from rising again, instead of dorking around a mountain for three years?
* Mewtwo v. Mew~
* Fixing the gazillion bugs.
* Refight gymleaders.


~Following Pikachu/Raichu. Slowly befriend them by raising their friendship!
~ Basically open world, go wherever you want with few obstacles, no HMs needed.
~ Increased shiny chances.
~ Fairy, special/physical split, more moves blah blah
~Some stat changes to pikachu, raichu, and eevee.
~Pikachu removed from wild. Pidgeotto from Yellow is back in its place in Viridian Forest.
~ Some Heonn pokemon in Kanto. I will probably make original 151 all catchable/gettable in some fashion. Use link cable item or find a special trade event for some pokemon.
~ Surf disabled from start menu, can be used by going to water. Disappears pika’s sprite, so no pika walking on water while you surf. No need for badges or HMs to use moves; go get a water poke to surf.
~ Johto is present and you can traverse around it though there’s nothing really there except 1 gym and some wild Johto pokes I hastily added a bit haphazardly.
~ You will be able to get the starters Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, through events, just like in original Yellow.
~ Butterfree is Bug/Fairy. What can I say, I was bored and there are very few fairy types.
~ Activate same-levels mode, so enemies will be same level as your team, so you can truly take on gyms in almost any order. Talk to the person near the statue in Pewter.


Download Pokemon Fire Yellow – Kanto League (Version 1)

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