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Pokemon Poli

Pokemon Poli
Name: Pokemon Poli
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Lord V-Man
Source: Click here!
The Story and Features of the game
In Pokemon – Poli Version you play as a Pokemon, a poliwhirl to be precise, and you’re on a quest to stop the director of an evil organisation who is trying to put your best friend, the insane professor Mr. Knar, out of business. It’s a fairly straight-forward story aiming to present an excellent dungeon crawling experience. The game will lead you through 4 unique dungeons (1 being optional, yet highly recommended), 2 cities and 2 routes. While travelling you will meet several interesting characters who might join your party and travel alongside you or oppose you. Corruption, gullibility and betrayal are the key words in the story.

What do you get?
– The chance to play as a poliwhirl (the favourite Pokémon of Satoshi Tajiri who is the creator of Pokémon (source bulbapedia))
– The chance to stop several malicious organisations
– The chance to collect badges as collectibles (be warned, some are very well hidden)
– The chance to explore 4 completely independent dungeons, based on some more memorable dungeons from the original game
– Estimated game time: 13-15 hours

Pokemon Poli

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