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Pokemon Mirage

Pokemon Mirage
Nimi: Pokemon Mirage
Remake by: Scarex
Remake from: Pokemon Ruby
Source: Click Here!
Year 0: An egg comes out of nowhere, Arceus was born, then he began to create pokémon to help himself in creating the universe.
Year 50: When light was created in the universe, Darkrai was found in the the shadow of Arceus. It was believed he would be the biggest rival of Arceus …
Year 658: the Pokémon began to rise up against Arceus because of he not attending the catastrophes that happened in those times.
Year 1003: After four centuries of rebellion, Mirabeto appears, And he started to behave like a god taking advantage of the mysterious absence of Arceus…
Year 1206: Mirabeto was considered the god of the Pokemon for all beings in the universe. Until one day Arceus attacked it, from that moment on, they started a fighting over a long time …
Year 1208: After two years of pause-less struggle, a trainer, now called ”The Winner”, helped Arceus to overcome in his difficult struggle, while a hooded man, helps Mirabeto.
To be Continued…

Year 2010: You are a boy/girl, which you live on an island, and, on reaching the age required to be a coach, your father (pokémon researcher dedicated to find the answer to the mysterious disappearances of some Pokémon Inte) hereby you will go to Intea to start your Pokemon adventure! Although the road will not be so easy …

Team NewGod:
Its mission is to find a mysterious object to attract Mirabeto, apart from that, they are engaged in kidnapping strong pokémons for some reason …
– New players
– New Region (Intea)
– Some Pokemon of the 4th generation + 5 fakes (including Mirabeto)
– New Evil Team (NewGod Team)
– And more!

Pokemon Mirage

Download Pokemon Mirage Beta 1

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