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Pokemon Iridescent

Pokemon Iridescent
Nimi: Pokemon Iridescent
Remake by: Noossab Blue
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: Pokecommunity

This hack aims to freshen up the Kanto region by rearranging the plot a bit, as well as adding gen 4 pokes and fakemon, overhauling all of the battles, and basically everything else he listed in the

New Fakemon Starters and Others (11 total!)
A Completable Pokedex
Higher Level Curve and Difficulty
60+ Gen 4 Pokemon Additions
Physical/Special Split
Complete Trainer, Gym Leader, and E4 Overhaul
Weaker Pokemon Beefed Up to Be Usable
Rearranged Plot and Map
Updated Moves, TMs, and Movepools
Some Changed Typings and Abilities
Cosmetic Changes to Many Areas

Pokemon Iridescent

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Iridescent Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Iridescent V1.4.1 (Completed)

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