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Pokemon Hyetology

Pokemon Hyetology
Name: Pokemon Hyetology
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: hinkage
Source: pokecommunity.com
Black Mesa, a worldwide organization, has just announced its newest product, Zydrate, which it claims is a painkiller for Pokémon. The drug quickly becomes popular and is a huge success.

Meanwhile, the International Police has been investigating the mysterious deaths of countless Pokémon around the world. Although the investigation was kept under wraps for awhile, people are beginning to take notice. Some people even believe the deaths are beneficial, however many others do not.

Thus begins your story.

Today is the day you start your journey to become the Champion. But you’re not alone — many other people have that ambition as well. Among them is a boy named Fatal, your very arrogant neighbor and constant competitor.

Everything is going well, until you walk outside: There are four dead Pokémon and a man. It’s a crime scene. The man comes over, and asks if you’ve seen anything. He then introduces himself as Cole Phelps. Phelps explains that he is currently looking into the unexplained deaths of Pokémon in the Scimetri nation. He asks for your cooperation in the matter, but advises you to keep the investigation a secret from everyone else.

All new maps, scripts, Gym leaders, miscellaneous trainers.
Zero connection to any mainstream Pokémon game (no cameos of characters such as Prof. Oak)
No “standard” Pokémon events such as (that I, personally, think are boring and overused):
—Involvement with legendary Pokémon.
—A professor giving you your first Pokémon.
—Tutorials about basic things everybody knows already.
—An evil team with no motive besides world domination.
HILARIOUS references (the lowest form of writing ;D) to television shows, movies, songs, books, video games, and U.S. history.

Pokemon Hyetology

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