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Pokemon Quartz

Pokemon Quartz
Name: Pokemon Quartz
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: Teh Baro
Source from wahackforo but link is broken!
You lived in Saffron city next to Professor Baro, but you move to a recently founded town: breeze town, in the abroad region of Corna. Professor Baro wants to research the pokémon of that region, so asks you and your new sexy neighbour Ran/J.Akira to catch them all. He gives you a misterious egg pokémon to start with.

In your journey you will meet good people, evil people, weird people (like Imakuni?)… your rival will be Ramón, the brother of a gym leader, who will try to get the badges… before you.

And then you crash with Band Ambar… they have a wickied purpose: power up electric pokémon boosting the sun, summoning one of the pokémon of chaos… the history is repeating, but, will the sacred bird of order awake again to save our butts?

386 new pokémon (237 able to catch in this hack. The rest will be in another hack, but they’re in the game so yeah). Experience says that people like them.

·A new region, the region of CORNA. The scheme is the same as hoenn (no connection edit) but you will find here a complete new, awesome and magical place. There are more places than in the original game, tough.

·Completely new characters, original. Leaders had their types changed, and… ¡There’re 9 badges!

·Script edition. A lot, over all in the end of the game, but also in the beggining. Things like phone calls or SMS, meet people, choose pokemons to be given, catch the legendaries (you are able to catch them all!)… they make the hack surprise and amaze the players..

·Skates instead of bikes

·New storyline. New legends. New awesome stories about the places…

Pokemon Quartz

Download Pokemon Quartz Final (Completed)

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