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Pokemon Orb

Pokemon Orb
Name: Pokemon Orb
Remake From: Pokemon Gold
Remake by: Hacker
Source: Click Here!
Once upon a time, a boy live in Pallet Town named Ash and he was to be Pokémon Master in 1999,
Then, in 2000 a boy named Ace live in New Bark Town was to be Pokémon Master too.,
Who’s next?
in 2001 a boy want to be a Pokémon Master named Graven and live in Treehome Town at Fornes region (West of Kanto)., and new evil team called Vice Team has came to take on Fornes region.,
Could he pass all the Elite 4 and beat the Champion?
To aoswer it, you must play it now! 🙂


-New hiro and new starter (now, Hiro will have 2 starter Pokémon)
-New region and map
-New Pokémon from Shinnoh
-a few of New Fakémon (Guilter and Promarco)
-New fast vehicle (I change bicycle into NRG-500)
-All new Gym leaders
-A lot of new Event
-Some new Pokémon move
-All 4 Pokémon must be trade to evolve them, now you can evolve them by level
-Pokémon which evolve with trade by item, now you just use the item to your Pokémon to evolve it (ex: Metal coat can be use to Scyther to evolve into Scizor)
-A lot of new item
-New Elite 4 and Champion
-add Prof. Oak to be strong trainer and Giovanni to be 8th Kanto’s gym leader.
-New evil team, named Vice Team
-All Pokémon Trainer (include Vice Team) has raise up.
-All 251 Pokémon can you caught
-Missingno and Ghost from Pokémon RBY can be catch in here
-New trainer card and the badges
-New rival, this time a ninja boy live in Fornes region want to block you to be a Pokémon Master
-few of new TM.

Pokemon Orb

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