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Pokemon Classified

Pokemon Classified
Name: Pokemon Classified
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Mechakhan
Source: Click here!
A new island has been discovered in the middle of the ocean. Not many people are sure how or when the island appeared, but ever since it was discovered, people started to immigrate to it. Eventually, you and your familly did as well. There, you and your brother recive your first Pokémon and venture on a journey across the Secrien region! However, some things are not as they seem…

A new region, new storyline and new characters. (And a few old ones…)
A level limit (Pokémon will stop obeying if they are overleveled and you don’t have enough badges.)
Full decapitalisation, cause capitals are annoying.
Physical/Special Spilt.
All trainers have maximum AI and 50 IVs instead of 0 for added difficulty.
Pokémon and moves from gens 4, 5 and 6.
Custom level-up movepools. (They’re very similar to XY/ORAS though.)
A fakemon. (Yup, just ONE fakemon.)
Some references to different games and anime.
Reusable and custom TMs.
Move tutors can teach moves multible times, in exchange for Shards.
HMs contain more useful moves.
A Hidden Power checker.
Some cursing words, nothing mayor though.
BW repel system.
Running indoors (Obviously)
Some trainer classed music.
Some Pokémon have their hidden abilities available.
The items sold at Pokémarts are based of how many badges you have.

The alpha covers one gym, but does not stop right away!
In the Alpha, the hack is about 10% finished.
Currently, the hack is about 20% finished.
Pokemon Classified

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Classified Cheat Code
Pokemon Pokemon Classified Alpha

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