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Darkstars [1] Nirvana: Mystery Of The Depths

Darkstars [1] Nirvana: Mystery Of The Depths
Name: Darkstars [1] Nirvana: Mystery Of The Depths
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Ray and ~BZuma
Source: Click here!
There are rumors of a mirage, a great threat hiding behind mirrors..
They say it hides in the Depths of the Ocean..
They say there is a drawing of that pokemon, but they never found it.
It appears inside mirrors, and drags people in the Depths..

They call it “The Leviathan”…

Chapter 1: “The Intro: Horror”
You’re a 15 years old boy/girl, living in Solana Island, located at the Southeast part of the OrasOran region. It is a quiet island.
It was quiet, until the Fulcrum Agency raided the island and kidnapped your mother, but she ordered you to escape from the island.
But you can’t from an island on foot. Thats where a mysterious guy named Taz comes in. He takes you somewhere safe… for now.

General Storyline:
The Fulcrum Agency tries to battle as many trainers as possible, for uknown reasons, and with stolen pokemon. They’re raiding islands to steal energy, and then they destroy them.
They keep talking about the “Stormbound Islands”.
Before a battle, they use a weird spell called “Vortex Seal”, but no one knows what it does.

They’re raiding islands to steal energy, and then they destroy them.
People of the OrasOran region started to worry about the F.A. But then, a new organisation appears, the D.P.A (Play to find out what D.P.A stands for).
Taz is a member of the D.P.A. This organisation seems to be fighting of the F.A, and is formed by 7 kids that have special skills.

Exciting new Features!

* New Region – The new, exotic region of OrasOran waits for you to uncover the mysteries of the islands
* New Pokemon – 50 new exotic pokemon (fakemon), new legendaries and mysterious creatures
* New Tiles – Gorgeous tiles with exotic (again XD) colours, and different trees in each island
* Battle Backgrounds/ New Graphics – Beatiful backgrounds to complete the battle scene, and new graphic stuff
* New Overworlds – D/P/Pl styled overworlds
* New HMs – Ember, Gust, etc.
* Plus Action – You can’t go back, you can only go forward (the HM fly will change this). And, more puzzles, and mysteries to solve.
* New Threats – The Fulcrum Agency is wreaking havoc in the region of OrasOran, but something even more bad will happen
* New Storyline – Many, many twists and surprizes
* Gym leaders? E4? – No way. But in beta X(6), you will face the terror of the 8 Master Guardians. >
* Battle Frontier – Eight Master Guardians. Eight new tests. One Battle Frontier.
* G/S/C music themes – Credits to Magnius of course.
Darkstars [1] Nirvana: Mystery Of The Depths

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