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Pokemon Shiny Jewel

Pokemon Shiny Jewel
Nimi: Pokemon Shiny Jewel
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: SuperChespinX
Source – Credit link: Click Here!
This is the second game that made by SuperChespinX. Also this is called Pokemon Shiny Jewel and you are traveling in the new region called Dezos. However I have added better tiles and features and this game is actually better than Light Rising. Anyways this game is about one of the secret legendary Pokemon, Dianice. Dianice has once came to Dezos over 100,000 years ago. Dianice is the one that created jewels such as diamonds. Badly, Team Gunk caught Dianice and put her in the harden cage and no one has heard for Dianice again until, Professor Oak has find the rare diamond on the ground in his lab and them he research about this rare diamond and it one of pieces from Dianice therefore she must left the piece of the diamond so Professor Oak is research more about Dianice.

Pokemon from 1st – 6th
Mega Evolution
Including New Move from 4th & 5th gen. (Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earth Power, Discharge, Flare Blitz, and more)
8 Gym Leaders
New Rivals
New Region/Maps
New Tiles
Reorder the Pokedex
Able to run in Buildings
Install Music
Pokemon Shiny Jewel
Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Shiny Jewel Cheat Code

Download Pokemon Shiny Jewel Alpha 2.01

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