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Pokemon RogueFeu New 2

Pokemon RogueFeu New 2
Name: Pokemon RogueFeu New 2
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red=
Remake by: MtArgenté
Source – Credit Link: Click here!
This is just a hack you play to have fun. Maybe you will like some of the dialogue but there is no dedicated storyline.

One other thing I’d like to say is that we added some new moves that you can use. They are pretty broken in your favor 😛 (not instant wins however).
Complex Gym puzzles
Only 3 Gyms
Custom trainer battle music. In places with Johto tiles, you hear Johto trainer/gym themes, and likewise for Kanto. There is no Johto wild battle midi that we found however, so you get… something else.

There are (too) many intentional mistakes. They are mistakes we put in that many hacks/games do accidentally. To us at least, they are silly and make things more interesting. But don’t worry, they don’t break the game! (Well…)

However, there are a few unintentional ones (of course !):
Palette glitch when entering doors (day and night system glitch)
Sprite glitch after ending battles on some maps… really wish this didn’t happen or at least say we did it on purpose, but no. I have no idea what causes this.

Note : There is a list of every known, intended mistake ! If you want (maybe you are very bored) you can compile your own and see if you got them all or found something new ! If you are an avid hacker, can you explain also what would normally cause the glitch ? This is the true test of skill, dude !
Pokemon RogueFeu New 2

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