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Pokemon Fire Red Elementary

Pokemon Fire Red Elementary

Name: Pokemon Fire Red Elementary
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Lori55
This hack includes various changes of the vanilla version but keeping some standards of the III Gen.


1. All 386 Pokémon are obtainable (Starters are in blue PokéBall, leggendary Pokémon are in Pink Rocks due to my lack to insert new Overworld Sprites)
2. New Graphics (Tiles, Sprites, exp box, battle box)
3. Slighty Harder difficult (mainly focused on boss battles in term of better IVs full team and Good movesets)
4. Repel System of BW2 (You can use another one after the previous wore off)
5. You obtain EXP After catching a Pokémon
6. New Moves, Abilities and Items
7. Pokémon have better movepool, stats and abilities
8. Day Night System
9. Fairy Type
10. Movesets are thier standards on VI Gen.
11. Battle May and Brendan after beating the League for the first time
12. You will catch a Pokémon that will be shiny
13. A poisoned Pokémon doesn’t faint but it remain with 1 HP and the status will disappeared
14. HG/SS Music (in certain moments the audio is off and sounds a bit glitchy)
15. Some battlegrounds are edited
16. National Dex is obtainable after receving the Poké Balls
17. Mugshots system on Gym Leaders
18. Unlimited use ot the TM 19 In-trade evolutions evolve for level up in a range of 30-45, except Espeon, Gorebyss, Umbreon and Huntail which evolve when used a Sun Stone and Moon Stone
19. Evolutionary stone are obtainable at Celadon Department Store
20. Some rare items are held by wild Pokémon
21. Decapitalization
22. DPPt Font
23. IV Checking
24. Physical Special Split
25. If you have EXP Share every Pokémon of your team recive 1/2 EXP after defeating a opponent o wild Pokémon
26. SET mode forced (no switches in trainer battles)

Change log:
1. Fixed Sand Force freeze
2. Charmeleon has Solar Power
3. Chikorita Have 2nd ability
4. Your starter will gain 1 level after beating the rival for the first time

Pokemon Fire Red Elementary

Download Pokemon Fire Red Elementary Ver 1.01

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