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Pokemon Sea Temple

Pokemon Sea Temple
Name: Pokemon Sea Temple
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Lance32497
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=409318
Description: GINOA is a very quiet and peaceful region. It is known for its modernized buildings and urban atmosphere. Thousand years ago, GINOA region was divided into two because of the epic battle of two lords. Now the East and the West.

Jimwell Beckett, a newly grad professor and a Pokemon Happiness Researcher, is giving a free starter from KALOS Region (after I have completed the GinoaDex and Sprite, I will make it as the starter of the game) to a new trainer like you. You are a 10-year old guy/gal who will be travelling around the world to discover new things and be better among the rest.

As you continue your journey, along with your friends Wilhelm and Hazel, you will encounter new Pokemon and mess with evil teams’ plans. By the words “evil teams”, it means that there are many teams trying to do evil deeds in Ginoa Region, the SOLAR TEAM and the LUNAR TEAM.

Solar Team aims to separate power from Pokemon and use it to awaken the legendary god of the Sun, Solasse. While, Lunar Team aims to awaken the full power of Hoopa to open the portal that leads to an unknown world where the God of Moon, Mnemon, and the Team Leader’s son were sealed.

The legend says that “When Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse occur at the same time, chaos will be awakened.” If this occurrence will happen again, the chaos that had happened 10 years ago will happen again.


• 721 Pokemon
• Physical/Special Split
• Generation 4 to Generation 6 Items, Moves and Abilities
• New Storyline
• Four Regions (the other 2 Regions will bring new entertaining features)
• Reversible Mega Evolution
• New Trainers
• Day and Night System
• New Evolution Methods
• New Forms
• Ginoan Forms
• Groom your Pokemon
• Be a fashion model
• 100 TMS and Field Moves
• PokeMines
• Play with your Friend using wireless connection and experience new challenges
• And more to come!

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s beta now.

All links are working on 09/04/2020!

Pokemon Sea Temple

Download Pokemon Sea Temple Beta 1.0b (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Sea Temple Beta 1.0b CIA (Beta)