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Pokemon LeafGreen Balanced Edition

Pokemon LeafGreen Balanced Edition

Name: Pokemon LeafGreen Balanced Edition
Remake From: Pokemon Leaf Green
Remake by: Gegalix
Pokemon is a beloved franchise that has captivated many of us since childhood. Its simple gameplay, large overworld, and memorable characters are unrivaled as many try to copy the formula, but fail.
But Pokemon isn’t perfect. Ever since the 1st generation, the arguably biggest problem in Pokemon consistently…is a lack of balance.

In the current meta game less than 100 Pokemon are viable. And that’s with me combining the Pokemon from Ubers and OU (at least in Smogons case). So even though we currently have over 720 pokemon, very few are viable.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to make a game that gives ALL Pokemon a chance to be used competitively. All 251 pokemon from Generations 1 and 2, as well as some Pokemon from Generation 3, have the same base stat total of 600. I have removed some Gen 3 pokemon so that I could include Mega forms and evolution forms( I will include a list below of which pokemon were cut). ONLY 1 POKEMON DOES NOT HAVE A BASE STAT TOTAL OF 600, AND SAID POKEMON HAS THE ABILITY TRUANCY.

This hack is perfect for battling others competitively as you now have 386 options to build a team, or if you ever wanted to play a hack that lets
even unevolved pokemon like charmander or squirtle shine, as they often do in the Anime.

All but 1 Pokemon have a base stat total of 600,more useful abilities then before, and better movepools
Unevolved Pokemon all have a Speed stat of 100 or higher.
NFE and fully evolved pokemon have a Speed stat of 99 or lower.
All Pokemon are obtainable in-game.
The Difficulty level for most trainers have been raised. This is especially true for Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Some trainers give more money upon defeat.
Wild Pokemon are harder to fight, easier to catch (ONLY if unevolved, other wise much harder to catch) give more exp. for grinding, and now almost always have an item.
Ice types have been buffed. Ice now resists Grass, Flying, and Normal types. Ice is also now super effective against water types.
Poison type moves are now super effective against Water types.
Most Multi-hit moves deal more damage (15% to 25%)
Thunder, Hydro Pump, Blizzard and Fire Blast all have a higher accuracy (70% to 85%) and a higher chance of causing a status problem (20% to 40%)
Some Pokemon have been re-typed. Charizard for example is now a Fire Dragon. Stantler is now a Normal/Ice type.
All of these moves are now priority moves similar to Quick Attack:
Water Gun
Rock Throw
Powder Snow

The following Pokemon on the left of the list have been replaced by the Pokemon to the right of the list:

Whailmer- mega beedrill
wailord -mega pidgeot
claydol- Mega charizard y
baltoy-mega charizard x
barboach-mega gengar
whishcash-mega slowbro
carvanha-mega venusaur
sharpedo-mega bolastoise
lunatone-mega aerodactyl
solrock-mega steelix
meditate-mega heracross
medicham- kangakhsan mega
whismur- mega houndoom
loudred- mega pinsir
exploud – mega scizor
clamperl- magnezone
volbeat- leafeon
illumise- glaceon
anorith- porygon z
armaldo- yanmega
slakoth- mismagius
vigoroth- honchkrow
slaking weavile
spoink- rhyperior
grumpig –tangrowth
spheal- gliscor
sealeo -mamoswine
walrein -lickylicky
nosepass- delphox
kecleon -vivillon
swellow -xerneas
taillow – mega ampharos
nincada – mega mewtwo y
ninjask – mega mewtwo x
shedinja -lilligant
hariyama –gallade
makuhita- Mega alakazam
wingull – mega manectric
pelliper -mega bannete
luvdisc -zygarde
lileep – mega mawile
cradily – mega sableye
duskull -mega camerupt
dusclops -mega absol
corphish -mega gyrados
seviper -roserade
zangoose- mega glalie


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