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Pokemon Aqua Blue

Pokemon Aqua Blue

Name: Pokemon Aqua Blue
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Criminon
Description: This takes place after the events of Fire Red.
You are an average kid living in Saffron City. You’re looking forward to your first ever Pokemon coming in through an ordering service, and after several weeks of waiting the day has finally arrived! Professor Oak contacts your mother and prepares to meet you in the Saffron City Pokecenter. However, when you arrive, things don’t quite go as planned.

During your visit at the Pokecenter, a meteor crashes into Silph. Co.! Before you know it, you’re hurled into an adventure larger than you’re prepared for. Upon arriving at Silph. Co., you find nothing but rubble and three mysterious figures who later reveal themselves to be Team Rocket. When things take a turn for the worst, you’re forced to battle with them and you find out the Pokemon you ordered was shiny! Despite your victory, they manage to steal the meteor.

After a heated battle you black out only to wake up back in your home, being greeted by Professor Oak and your mother. Oak explains that the meteor is the cause of your Pokemon’s alternate color, and instead of cataloguing the Pokedex, he asks you to collect fragments that fell off the meteor so they can further be studied.

This adventure leads you all over Kanto, including regions previously only found in the Anime.


Choose any starter from gens 1-3
Brand new story using Kanto and adding just about all cities from the anime
Pokemon loot system (Wild fainted pokemon drop items)
Item crafting system, including new legendary held items
Cardboard Box able to sneak past trainers
Pokemon have a chance of dying when fainted.
Revives don’t work in battle
Forced set battles. The option is completely removed and is unchangeable. You and the trainers you face are on equal footing.
LEGENDARY battles actually made Legendary. Multiple fights before you’re able to capture them.
XX items and XXX items, capable of boosting stats to 5, or 8 respectively that trainers also use
Day & Night
Ability to see IVs in status screen
Item capable of modifying IVs (Only one in the game)
Shiny stones able to transform Pokemon into shiny pokemon
Name change contracts able to change even traded Pokemon’s names
New upgradable Laptop Key Item capable of mowing grass, and flashing dark caves
Max Revive / Full Restore 6 pack items, capable of healing entire party
Ability to join Team Rocket
Rocket Balls able to capture opponent’s Pokemon
Zonewide gameplay mechanics (Talked about below)
New custom moves for each type called Special Machines
Mini Games
Updated Pokemon graphics (with custom art on select few)
Ride a blastoise while surfing!
Advanced AI
Huge difficulty increase
Gym leaders scale to your level +3 and match how many Pokemon you have +1
HG/SS Kanto Music
Face Trainers during battle
B/W Repel System
D/P Fonts
Infinite TMs
HMs are able to be unlearned
Vendor Prices increase or decrease depending on the day
XP when capturing Pokemon
Run jump off ledges
Inverse battles
Critical hit nerf
Only able to capture original 151 as well as some Fakemon, and Missingno and starters ofc. (not including those captured by team rocket balls)
Rates for shiny pokemon increased in order to match story

95% of features are already added into the game

Pokemon Aqua Blue


Pokemon Aqua Blue Demo

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