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Pokemon Lightbolt

Pokemon Lightbolt
Name: Pokemon Lightbolt
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: 5qwerty
The Averr Region is quite an average region. It has got many populous cities, each with their own unique identities. The region also has its own Pokémon League, with eight gyms scattered across the region. Pokémon Trainers start their journey by contacting the Pokémon League, after which a representative will come to their town and give them a starter Pokémon, along with a Pokédex and five Poké Balls.

You are [player], a boy or girl (xor) who lives in the southernmost town in the region – Little Town. You had already contacted the Pokémon League expressing desire to start your own journey weeks ago, and they’re coming now. The night before the Pokémon League representative arrives, you dream a strange dream. A mysterious being appears to you, asking you about some things (your gender/name included). But the most important thing it asked you was this: to save her friend. According to the being, its friend – along with the entire region – is in danger, and it’s up to you of all people to deliver the region from the grasp of unknown evil. Knowing this, you cement your will to get stronger, as it was already your goal to defeat the Pokémon League Champion.

As your journey continues, you end up meeting these people dressed in black. They keep murmuring about some space shuttle, but what is really their end goal? Are they the people who are putting Averr in danger?


The Authentic Gen III Experience – It’s not the exact same thing as Fire Red, but it’ll feel pretty close. If you enjoyed Gen III games then you’ll enjoy this game for sure.
Explore Averr – Travel to many amazing new places such as the coffee shop in Rockhill City, or maybe even the mysterious Ordinary Town?
Challenging Overworld Exploration – Not everything is going to be spoon fed to you. Talk to people, explore, and you’ll eventually find your way around.
Radical Tile Puzzles – There are going to be a few mazes and whatnot.
8 Gym System – Battle the 8 Gym Leaders of Averr for their badges. Then you can challenge the Elite Four.
Gym Not Type Dependent – Ha! Guess what? The Gym Leaders are now semi-puns of other things that reflect the Pokémon they use.
New TM Lineup – New TMs such as AncientPower and Poison Gas make their disc-shaped debut.
Running Indoors – Exception to previous point.
New* Moves – I replaced some old moves like Fury Cutter with new custom moves that will help some Pokémon get by.
Updated Movesets and Stats – I changed up some movesets and stats to make Pokémon (such as the starters) more viable/balanced.
Harder Battles – Battles will be harder, unless you grind. May add restrictions on no X Items during important battles or something.
(Hopefully) Funny Dialogue – I mean, I think it’s okay. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s funny or not. The farthest any reference will extend to is another Nintendo game or some stupid meme.

The current version ends in either LAMP CITY and you can obtain up to 5 badges. You can enter ROUTE 10, which is north of LAMP CITY, but you won’t be able to find any POKéMON in the grass, and you are stopped shortly by a ROCK SMASH rock.

Also take note that ROUTE 9 is still pretty unpolished. There are no wild ‘mons and neither of the signposts have text. The house is also unenterable. I haven’t decided what I’m going to use that house for yet, so stay tuned.

===Changes from 2.1===
– CRAZY MAZE CAVE has been renamed to CRAZY HAZE CAVE and remapped
– Changed a lot of stats and learnsets of available POKéMON
– Changed a lot of after-battle dialogue with NPCs so that they make more sense
– Added “Brock” walking sprites
– Added COFFEE and PIKAXE sprites
– Added a mining “minigame” (just RNG)
– A few more minor tweaks

===Take Note!===
– Intro is still Fire Red Intro.
– White out to Player’s House still has old text (where mom mentions Prof. Oak).
– Might be minor grammar errors in terms of tense or comma stuff.
– Might be minor inconsistencies with capitalization and whatnot.
– TM12 (TAUNT) most likely will be changed to something else in the future.
– The TM shop in LAMP CITY’s “department store” is not available at the moment.
– CACNEA is still kind of weak, use if you want challenge

Pokemon Lightbolt

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Pokemon Lightbolt Beta 2.1