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Pokemon Ultimate Mega Firered

Pokemon Ultimate Mega Firered

Name: Pokemon Ultimate Mega Firered
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Maddy Styles and Arvin Torrente
Pokemon Ultimate Mega Firered is a remake version of the original Pokemon Firered developed by Maddy Styles and Arvin Torrente.
The game is still in beta so check back often times for updates.
Legendary and Pokemons which are not normally available to catch in original Firered version here is still isn’t catchable.

Dont Forgot To Upgrade Your Pokedex From Scientist at Pewter City Or Your Pokemon Will Not Evolve In To Mega And Primal !

– Full Decapitalization
– New Pokedex features
– Physical/Special/Status Split
– 131 New Gen 4 and 5 moves
– Updated Move Effects, Base Power and Accuracy for existing moves
– Updated Movesets for Pokemon
– Sound Moves hit through Substitute
– New Abilities
– Fairy Type
– All Megas And Primal Pokemons (Groudon,kyogre,Giratina,Dialga,Palkia And Rayquaza)
– All Legendary Pokemons From Gen 1 To 6 Catchable Through Wild Encounter ONLY by using cheats for now
(Cheats Are Available In Cheat Section) (Cheat won’t be necessary in the future updates)

Some Pokemon Locations
Riolu-Route 6
Gible-Route 10
Buneary-Route 8
Snover-Route 11
Diancie-Route 25
Larvitar-Route 9
Pinsir-route 8
Kirilia-route 1
Metang-route 11
Carvanha-route 12
Numel-route 3
Bagon-route 5
Snorunt-route route 25
Swablue-route 25
Sableye-route 24
Mareep-route 10
Houndour-route 9
Torchic-route 2
Treecko-route 3
Mudkip-route 6
aron-mt moon 1.1
Meditite-route 22
Electrike-route 17
Shuppet-route 15
Absol-route 11

– You Can Buy Evolution Stone At Celadon City Pokemart
– To Have A Two Mega Form.Use A Mega Stone Twice In A Pokemon That Has 2 Mega Form….Like Charizard & Mewtwo.
– Dont Forgot To Upgrade Your Pokedex From Scientist at Pewter City Or Your Mega And Primal Pokemon Will Not Evolve!

-Dont send Mega Garchomp And Mega Steelix In Battle It Make Game Freeze.
Pokemon Ultimate Mega Firered (Completed)

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