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Pokemon Timeless Artifact

Pokemon Bloody Platinum
Nimi: Pokemon Timeless Artifact
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Ness
The story’s main themes are greed and corruption. Due to certain events, the player character gets an opportunity to form his own team with an eccentric newly met partner. He gladly takes it, which leads him to various situations of all sorts. The story’s biggest conflict revolves around temptations given by endlessly expanding power and possibilities.

Modernization(Dollsteak’s patch, infinite TMs etc.)
491 Pokémon available to capture
New music
Various hidden details and secrets
Choices that might slightly change your game experience

Known issues
Player’s sprite changes while running
Ugly pattern before the titlescreen appears(known issue with the method I used to insert the titlescreen)
A bunch of tile errors(there might be some I’m not aware of)
The world map still uses the vanilla player sprite
The player character’s backsprite remains unchanged

Pokemon Bloody Platinum

Pokemon Timeless Artifact Alpha 1

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