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Pokemon Infernal Red & Natural Green

Pokemon Infernal Red & Natural Green
Name: Pokemon Infernal Red and Natural Green
Created by: crispybacon1234
Source: Click here!


Looks like he forgot to add the RTP. Download it for RPG Maker XP here:

Pokémon Infernal Red and Pokémon Natural Green are fanmade remakes of Pokémon Firered and Pokémon Leafgreen in the style of Pokémon Black and White, also throwing in some Gen 6 mechanics.


Embark on a quest to conquer the Pokémon League and put an end to Team Rocket’s schemes, and experience new story arcs including the arrival of a familar Professor and the appearance of a mysterious cult.

Features include:
Dual-screen gameplay offers a DS-like experience, with a mouse-friendly touch-screen!
-Pokémon Black/White styled graphics
Experience Kanto with BW styled graphics, including some new animated Pokémon sprites!

-Poké Mart ATMs
Deposit, withdraw and check your balance at ATMs in every Poké Mart


-Dark Grass
Bored of single encounters? Trying to find shinies? Walk through dark grass to encounter 2 Pokémon at once!

Introduced in Pokémon Black/White, the Xtransceiver makes it’s return so that you can call Trainers around the region!

-New Areas
Visit Doug in Nameless Cavern to obtain rare items, or explore a new cave near Mt. Moon to find a legendary Pokémon… (not Cerulean Cave)

Pokémon have been updated to their Gen 6 types, so the Fairy-type takes it’s first step into the Kanto region!

-Mega Evolution
Unleash the power of Mega Evolution and uncover it’s mysteries, as well as discovering all new Mega Evolutions

Pokemon Infernal Red & Natural Green

Pokemon Infernal Red Completed Version

Pokemon Natural Green Completed Version

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