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Pokemon Christmas

Pokemon Christmas
Name: Pokemon Christmas
Remake From: Pokemon Gold
Remake by: Mateo
Source: Click here!
This is much more than a simple graphics hack to add snow. This game takes place the same year as GSC, just later in the year. It assumes that the events of GSC (the radio tower take over, magikarp being forced to evolve, and all that) took place that summer, so the major events will be different, and more winter or holiday themed. Since this is part of what I’m calling the “Johto Legacy”, I like to think of this as something of an “alternate third version” as well as a sequel — sort of like Crystal, Platinum, and Christmas themes all mixed together.

What’s New:

– Ability to play as a Boy or a Girl player, chosen in the intro
– Kris as the player’s main friendly rival
– Hiro or Mei (Whichever player you didn’t choose) as an additional rival
– Major events changed to new and/or holiday themed ones
– New tilesets to give it a snowy winter feel, as well as a “Gen II-and-a-half” feel
– Map updates to be more in line with Heart Gold’s map designs, but not exactly identical
– Physical/Special Split added, like the newer games have
– New Pokémon added (NO FAKEMON. See list below.)
– New moves. Flame Ball is a new “Special” Fire-Type move to melt ice blocks, and there are a couple moves from newer gens as well.
– New items (Key Items, Regular Items, etc.)
– Ice sliding on frozen lakes, not just in Ice Path
– A few references to my other hacks you might catch (including hints at the prequel)
– New locations, including: South Isle, Battle Tower, Ecruteak Shinto Shrine, Dragon Shrine, and more
– Restored Kanto locations, including: Viridian Forest, Pewter Museum, and more
– Some wild Pokémon location changes, some are the same
– Trainers sprites and rosters updated
– All Gym Leaders have additional Pokémon, and all of Kanto’s gyms are higher levels
– Lots of events have been redone, removed, added, etc.
– Some trainer classes have been changed
– There have been changes to the Elite Four
– Viridian has a different leader
– New Game Corner prizes (Johto and Kanto)
– Additional Prize Exchanges added at the Battle Tower
– Practice Battle Machines added for the Battle Tower. (They are like the ones in the old Sterling Silver, but improved)
– Move Tutors, who will teach your Pokémon a new move in exchange for a Heart Scale
– A version of the “Trendy Phrase” which can be used to unlock certain things, or just to amuse yourself
– More

New Pokémon


New Evolutions

Eevee -> Glaceon = Icy Rock in Ice Path
Eevee -> Leafeon = Mossy Rock in Ilex Forest
Snorunt -> Glalie = Lv 42
Snorunt -> Frosslass = Dawn Stone
Piloswine -> Mamoswine = Lv 37
Sneasel -> Weavile = Moon Stone
Poliwhirl > Politoed = Moonstone
Kadabra > Alakazam = Moonstone
Slowpoke > Slowking = Moonstone
Haunter > Gengar = Moonstone
Machoke > Machamp = Lv 44
Graveler > Golem = Lv 41
Onix > Steelix = Lv 30
Scyther > Scizor = Lv 30
Porygon > Porygon2 = Thunderstone
Seadra > Kingdra = Moonstone

Pokémon You Cannot Get (Even by trading)

Hoppip (Replaced by Snover)
Skiploom (Replaced by Abomasnow)
Jumpluff (Replaced by Rotom)
Spinarak (Replaced by Mamoswine)
Ariados (Replaced by Weavile)
Dunsparce (Replaced by Leafeon)
Tangela (Replaced by Glaceon)
Sunkern (Replaced by Snorunt)
Sunflora (Replaced by Glalie)
Yanma (Replaced by Froslass)
Sentret (Replaced by Zigzagoon)
Furret (Replaced by Linoone)
Oddish (Replaced by Ralts)
Gloom (Replaced by Kirlia)
Vileplume (Replaced by Gardevoir)
Bellosom (Replaced by Gallade)
Remoraid (Replaced by Relicanth)
Octillery (Replaced by Luvdisc)

Trading with other players via Link Cable has been removed. However, there are ways to evolve Pokémon that normally evolve via trade without having to trade them.

In Goldenrod City’s GTS/Global Terminal/Pokémon Center, you have the opportunity to Wonder Trade. The system is still a little rough at this point, but it will be more polished for the Full Version. It is still totally usable though. Just like in Gen 6, you offer up any Pokémon you want from your party (eggs can be traded too, no need to hatch them first) and you will receive a totally random Pokémon back in return.
Pokemon Christmas
Pokemon Christmas 2014

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