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Mirage Of Tales: The Ages Of Faith

Mirage Of Tales: The Ages Of Faith
Name: Mirage Of Tales: The Ages Of Faith
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: avaramoon (Avara)
Source: Click here!
Omens are all around, and war is inevitable as tensions fuelled by extremism rise in the East.
An unfortunate chain of events kickstarts the Crusades of Faith, and you can play through the stories of each of the following characters – how they came to be involved, and be in their shoes, as you make decisions about how to keep you and your people safe, while overcoming the obstacles in your way.
You’ll be thrown into an epic conflict, a political dispute, a holy war. Whoever’s history you choose to experience, you have no choice but to fight for your people, whether it be for liberation or triumph.
At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose a character to play as. For now, there are three characters, each with a tale to be told…
Prince Evandor is the son of King Ebrahim and Queen Adonia, and the sole heir to the throne of Izantine, a peaceful country famed for its mystical aura.
Princess Zhafira is the daughter of King Taurian and Queen Zoeya, and is second in line after her brother Rhyon to rule the Draconic Empire; which has conquered half of the whole world.
Princess Zhafira is the daughter of King Taurian and Queen Zoeya, and is second in line after her brother Rhyon to rule the Draconic Empire; which has conquered half of the whole world.

Special Features:

The Finance Chamber
This feature allows you to build up points for rewards over time; you get 3 points per “year” in-game. Filling any of these six icons will bring you special privileges, such as collecting a payout from the bank, accessing higher-level Pokemon, better training opportunities or having the Merchants in your city stock better items!

My Alignment System
Those who played my (awful) first hack will remember the Alignment system I made back then, but for those of you who didn’t: you could be one of three Alignments – Good, Neutral, or Evil. This was influenced by your in-game actions, and would affect the game in various ways.
This time, I’ve taken it up a notch as never seen before, inspired by my favourite TRUE rpgs. You can now have one of NINE Alignments! Want to play as a good person with a rebellious streak? A faith-devout villain? A level-headed bystander? The choice is yours!

New Attributes
The game takes place in a medieval, Middle Eastern setting, with fresh new custom-made OWs, sprites and graphics to match.
In-game choices determine your Influence with people; a hidden score with certain characters. They will remember how you behave with them!
No Pokedex, Pokeballs or PC; as this is set in a time electricity didn’t even exist, let alone technology!
Pokemon Centers have been replaced with holy temples of several different Gods. Holding a Charm for that religion will allow you to pray in its God’s places of worship.
A HM-free zone! There are items available to cover some of their functions, but even these aren’t necessary to complete the game.
Ridable Pokemon replace the Bike(still working on this!). Roam through the desert on the back of a Salamence, or charge into battle on Bastiodon!
The unlockable Extension item exclusive to Ages Of Faith; which allows you to carry a party of 12 instead of 6!
Several custom items to replace the standard ones we’ve all gotten used to, complete with their own images and descriptions. No “?”s here! =P
Up-to-date battle engine with Physical/Special Split and 4th+ Gen moves, thanks to MrDollSteak and the creators of the rom base.

Stories by Chapter

Evandor’s Tale

King Ebrahim of Izantine suffers an invaluable loss.
Prince Evandor prepares for an exciting future.
A relic is discovered on Atlantine shores in Havabora.

Chapter I:
Conflict arises in Izantine.
Evandor unites the country.
The Abram family suffers a shock.

Kala’s Tale

The Masters of the Coast gather to exchange slaves.
Kala inspires the gladiators of Khraaz-dum’s Ludus.
A new fighter robs Bacchus the Champion of his title.

Chapter I:
A legend is born.
Kala makes friends and enemies.
Premonitions are foretold.

Zhafira’s Tale

The Empire’s King sets his sights on faraway land.
Princess Zhafira is forced into a difficult situation.
A religious figure becomes Warlord of Lyth Draenor.

Chapter I:
Rhyon sets his own goals.
Zhafira marries into a prominent Eastern family.
Rhydian is betrayed.

*Known issves:
– There is no titlescreen as I don’t know how to edit this. Yet!
– 4thgen+ cries are not inserted as I don’t know how to do this. Yet!
– I have no custom music, since yep, you guessed it… I don’t know how to add this. Yet!
– The Journal items are not usable; this is because I want to get the final dialog for them completely finalized and everything with Alignment evened out before I script anything.
– Zhafira & Omar’s cutscene at the Azar borders ends with a circular Flash-view – although unintentional I think it looks cute =P
– When viewing the map in a certain Council Chamber, you’re not actually shown the map at all. This is because it’s not finished yet; I’d rather add the full, final world map when I consider it perfect later, than add how I think I want it to look now just to change things down the line and confuse everyone about the geography.
– Same when a certain someone asks you to help with Crown Finances. I am testing this feature on a seperate ROM and there are still a few things I need to iron out.

Mirage Of Tales: The Ages Of Faith

Evandor’s Prologues (u1)
Kala’s Prologues (u1)
Zhafira’s Prologues (u1)

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