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Pokemon Azotic Fire

Pokemon Azotic Fire

Nimi: Pokemon Azotic Fire
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Alpha&Omega
This project is going to use Pokemon Fire Red as a base. Alpha&Omega will be adding the following features:
4th Gen/6th generation sprites
Primal forms
Mega Evolutions
Some moves will have their type changed
Trainers, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four will get different Pokemon and will be more difficult
Elite Four and Rival will get Mega Pokemon
Some routes will be changed
The types of some Pokemon will be changed
Cut will not be required
There will be a cave of legendary Pokemon
More Pokemon in the Safari Zone
Day and Night system will be added
Running inside of buildings will be allowed
Some Pokemon will get their Hidden Abilities
The Evolutionary lines of some Pokemon will change slightly
Nature Sanctuary

Here’s a list of the updated evolution methods:
Spoiler: Show
Golbat -> Crobat at level 36
Graveler -> Golem at level 36
Machoke -> Machamp at level 38
Haunter -> Gengar level 36
Kadabra -> Alakazam at level 36
Onix -> Steelix at level 36
Slowpoke + Water Stone= Slowking
Scyther -> Scizor at level 36
Poliwhirl -> Politoad at level 40
Eevee + Sun Stone= Espeon
Eevee + Moon Stone= Umbreon

List of Mega Evolutions:
Spoiler: Show
Heracross + Sun Stone= Mega Heracross
Charizard + Fire Stone= Mega Charizard X
Charizard + Sun Stone= Mega Charizard Y
Blastoise + Water Stone= Mega Blastoise
Venusaur + Leaf Stone= Mega Venusaur
Blaziken + Fire Stone= Mega Blaziken
Sableye + Moon Stone= Mega Sableye
Gyarados + Water Stone= Mega Gyarados
Aggron + Moon Stone= Mega Aggron
Gengar + Moon Stone= Mega Gengar
Slowbro + Water Stone= Mega Slowbro
Gardevoir + Sun Stone= Mega Gardevoir
Pidgeot + Sun Stone= Mega Pidgeot
Swampert + Water Stone= Mega Swampert
Aerodactyl + Moon Stone= Mega Aerodactyl
Altaria + Sun Stone= Mega Altaria

Primal Reversions:
Kyogre + Water Stone= Primal Kyogre

Alpha’s and Betas:
Spoiler: Show
Alpha 1.0:Two gyms and up to Route 5.
Beta 1: Three gyms and Sliph.Co.

Pokemon Azotic Fire Beta 1

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