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Pokemon Dark Phantom

Pokemon Dark Phantom
Pokemon Dark Phantom
Remake From:
Pokemon Emerald
Remake by:
Brought to you today is Pokemon black Phantom 5.0 Chinese version download, Pokemon dark Phantom 5.0 praise Pokemon player base do not have to say, the player simply by virtue of the people’s favorite Pokemon, with a strong technical and excellent production make the dark Phantom Pokemon Pokemon revision became one of the most outstanding games. Version 5.0 is a present for the final version, like Pokemon players, as this will not let you down!
The biggest bright spot “Pokemon dark Phantom 5.0 final version of” This version of the story and art that regard. It highlights that the creative aspects of the story, adding the concept of parallel world, the head two weeks there is a new map, which greatly improves the gameplay. Art aspect to emulate overseas revision and the official version of DS, replacing a lot of material, compared to the original emerald great progress. It is worth mentioning that this version PM modify aspects of the use of popular technology to replace vacancies and strong technical illustrations modify, and modify in terms of skills but also outside Japan Constellation Hack does best.
“Pokemon dark Phantom 5.0 final version of” Pokemon into the dark Phantom v5.0 possibilities BW Version and Pokemon dark Phantom v5.0 possibilities DP Edition. “Google Translated”
《口袋妖怪漆黑的魅影5.0最终版》分为口袋妖怪漆黑的魅影v5.0无限可能BW版和口袋妖怪漆黑的魅影v5.0无限可能 DP版。
Pokemon Dark Phantom
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