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Pokemon HarvestCraft

Pokemon HarvestCraft
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Pokemon HarvestCraft
21 years ago, Pokemon lived in harmony in the woods. The Pokemons there were ruled by the Pokemon Trevenant.

One day, A group of people came and started cutting trees and building houses. There was no left home for the Pokemons. The Trevenant did not know what to do so it ask help on the Harvest Goddess. Harvest Goddess quickly responds and tried to punish the people. But she fell in love with one of them, and his name was Eric, which also fell in love with her. So Harvest Goddess forgave Eric and his townspeople. Trevenant didn’t like her decision but he doesn’t have any choice until he learned that If Harvest Goddess marries a human, she will lost all of her powers and pass it to Trevenant that’s one thing Harvest Goddess didn’t know about herself.

Until 2 years later they got married (That’s a long wait, huh?). At the end of the wedding, Harvest Goddess tried to use her powers to create fireworks but it didn’t work, that’s the time when she realized she lost all of her powers but she accepted it because she is happy with her husband.

Trevenant is wondering why he still don’t have Harvest Goddess’ powers so he asked Kappa, Harvest Goddess’ brother. Kappa said that he will only obtain Harvest Goddess’ powers at the birth of the Harvest Baby.(Kappa didn’t know about Trevenant’s plan yet). One day, Kappa manage to find out Trevenant’s plan, to trap the people inside the town and to kill the Harvest Baby so he tried to stop him but he failed. Kappa was trap inside a mine. Kappa told Trevenant that someone can stop him.

A year later the Harvest Baby is born at that time Trevenant has obtained Harvest Goddess’ powers and started the attack. He traps the people inside the town with cursed trees. Harvest Goddess’ and ERIC tried to escape they put the baby in the basket. Eric and the baby escaped but Harvest Goddess’ didn’t get lucky, she got trap inside the town with the other people. Eric got away from the town with the baby. Knowing Trevenant is after the baby, he left the baby in front of a fosters house. (Why?!? Isn’t he safer with you!?!?)

You’re an 21 year old who’s just starting out on your journey but suddenly you got trapped in the town by Trevenant just for fun. Did he made a very bad thing to trap you in the town too? Can you stop this nonsense and free the townspeople?
Weather System
It sometimes rains every Spring, Summer and Fall and sometimes snows every Winter. Weather affects the energy lost when you do work.

Scripted Time and Day
Time changes only if you go through Maps. NPCs move around the town depending on time and day.

Seasons changes every 30 days. Changing Season affects the items found and wild Pokemons encounter in the Woods.

You can plant Apricorns any season except Winter. Up to 6 Apricorns can only be planted.

Ranching Pokemons
Torchics, Skiddos and Gogoats.

New Berry System
Berries found regrow everyday by random.

No Gym Leaders and Elite Four
Shop Owners give you badges when you defeat them and Trevenant will serve as the Champions battle.
Some new Pokemons
Some Pokemons from Gen 4 to Gen 6 (May not have the correct Cry, Movesets, and Method of Evolution).
Cooking and Crafting
Cooking food to replenish Your Energy and Your Pokemon’s Health. Crafting tools to help you on your work.
New Items
Such as foods, apricorns, and other resources.
Energy Mechanics
Energy decreases when doing work. You can replenish your Energy by eating or sleeping. Maximum Energy gained when you sleep is determined by the number of badges.
Bachelors and Bachelorettes
Love System
Fairy Type
Fairy Type Pokemons and Moves.
New Moves
New moves doesn’t have new animations or effects. Just some animations that I think it will suit them.

Pokemon HarvestCraft
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