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Pokemon Mega Sapphire

Pokemon Mega Sapphire
Name: Pokemon Mega Sapphire
Remake From: Pokemon Sapphire
Remake by: Maddy Styles.
Pokemon Mega Sapphire is a remake of the original Pokemon Sapphire Version Hacked By Maddy Styles with cool new features.
– 6th Gen Starter
– Difficulty Increased
– Some Pokemon Of Gym Leaders Changed
– Mega Pokemons + Primal Groudon And Primal Kyogre + addded Electivire And Zekrom
– Elite 4 And Champion Will Have Mega Pokemon
– You Can Buy Mega Stone At Lilycove City Pokemart.
– You Can Buy Dawn Stone At Lilycove City Pokemart. (Dawn Stone to evolve your Kirlia to Gallade)

Riolu Route 113
Squirtel Route 114
Glalie Route111
Bulbasaur Route 115
Charmender Route 123
Cyndaquil Route 123
Camerupt Route 123
Steelix Fiery Path And Shoal Cave
Totodile Route 114
Sentret Route102
Snover Route 119
Mewtwo Ancient Tomb
Larvitar Route 110
Heracross Route 117
Aerodactly Meteor Falls
Pinsir Route 116
Kangaskhan Route 112
Gastly Mt Pyre
Pidgey Route 103
Scizor Route 118
Mudkip Route 102
Treeko Route 103
Torchi Route 104
Gible Route 111
Groudon Desert Ruins
Weedle Route 101
Slowpoke Route 110
Latias And Latios Pyroberg
Zekrom Meteor Falls

M Garchomp
M Abomasnow
M Gallade
M Metacross
M Beedrill
M Slowbro
M Sharpedo
M Camerupt
M Salamence
M Glalie
M Rayquaza
M Swampert
M Sceptile
M Steelix
M Pidgeot
M Altaria
M Lucario
M Sableye
M Venusaur
M Charizardx
M Charizardy
M Blastoise
M Alakazam
M Gengar
M Kangaskhan
M Pinsir
M Gyarados
M Aerodactyl
M Mewtwo-x
M Mewtwo-y
M Ampharos
M Scizor
M Heracross
M Houndoom
M Tyranitar
M Blaziken
M Aggron
M Gardevoir
M Medicham
M Manectric
M Banette
M Absol
M Latias
M Latios
P Kyogre
P Groudon

There Is No Anti Mega Stone…so Mega Evolve Your Pokemon When Its Learn All Important Moves.
To Have A Two Mega Form.use A Mega Stone Twise In A Pokemon That Has 2 Mega Form….like Charizard & Mewtwo.


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