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Pokemon Island

Pokemon Island
Name: Pokemon Island [RPGXP]
Created by: FL.
Source: Click here!
Tämä on peli, jossa on Game Boyn ja muiden Nintendo-järjestelmien pokémon-roolipelimekaniikka, mutta Pokémon Islandilla on erilainen lähestymistapa. Franchisingissa on uusi lineaarisuuden käsite, koska tuskin mikään ei ole oleellista eteenpäin pääsemiseksi, mutta haasteita on silti monia.

II – Ominaisuudet
Pelisisältöä arviolta 20–40 tuntia. Lisäksi paljon pelin jälkeistä sisältöä.
National Dex 1008 pokémonilla, kunnes Scarlet/Violet (9. sukupolvi julkaisussa) avattiin alusta alkaen! Kaikki ovat saatavilla, ja jos et poista pokémoneja, voit saada niin monta kopiota kuin haluat jokaisesta pokémonlajista. Bulbasaurista Miraidoniin.
Ei kuntosalia tai E4:ää! Niiden sijaan on Colosseum.
12 merkkiä valittavissa.
Grafiikka sukupolvelta 3 (paitsi taistelusprite).
Ei HM:ää! Liikkeet, kuten Surf, Fly, Rock Smash ja Teleport, eivät toimi taistelun ulkopuolella, mutta on esineitä, joilla on samanlaisia vaikutuksia.
Reaaliaikakellojärjestelmää ei ole.

III – Prologue
Previously the Pokémon Island was a island only of pokémon. There were very few people, most researchers like the notable professor Oak who studied the pokémon on island. However, three years ago has been proven the existence of pokémon Mew on the island.

Because this was a very rare pokémon, this attracted a crowd with many trainers who sought Mew, so the island was filled with trainers.

Many of them were very skilled and famous, others came in this island to challenge them, the island soon became a great meeting point for battles which led to the creation of many tournaments which also brought many viewers.

Many things happened in the last three years, has created a great battle place: The Colosseum and the trainers were classified according the victories there.

Many new pokémon were discovered on the island, others were released by other trainers, and some even went to stores. Most were discovered by explorers living in places never visited before. Some places are created to increase the diversity of pokémon that grew more and more.

And this is the story of this place, Pokémon Island.

IV – The city
This is the city of Pokémon Island and where you reside. See below for some important places, several of them are available when you arrive, but others need to be build using the City Hall.
Some were made using the Essentials systems with some modifications like: show items icons on the box and make the bigger sprites be on the UI rectangle. Several scripts are mine, like City Hall, Pokémon Fitness and Pokémon Fan Club.

Main challenge of the game, here is where the action happens without ado. Just choose a rank to face five rounds of trainers. When you win you earn the prize money and other ranks will be available with trainers better than the last one. This way, always providing a challenge to satisfy even the best players.

City Hall
Here you are the one who builds the city! In this place there are several projects for new buildings or even upgrades of old places that can be done for a small amount of money. This place is built as soon as you get rank 3.

Teleport Station
Around here you can access all sites with wild pokémon on the island like the beach and the plains. As you increase your rank, more places became available. At each location there are two portals, one where you entered and other hidden, if you can get to the hidden you receive an award. Along the way, besides wild pokémon there are items scattered and trainers seeking battles that will be obstacles in your journey. Any trainer can be challenged for a rematch. Despite visiting these places bring a number of advantages in the adventure, they aren’t required and you can even complete the game without using the station.

Pokémon Shop
The Pokémon commerce in Pokémon Island is a widespread activity. Many pokémon can only be obtained here, so keep an eye on!

Pokémon Fan Club
Unlike other fan clubs, here the staff likes to follow the day to day of the trainers and ask for the most varied tasks ranging from defeating a specific wild pokémon to spending a certain amount of money. As a reward they give you a good amount of money and pokémon eggs.

Pokémon Fitness
In the Pokémon Island there is a new and fun way for gaining exp: Minigames! There 6 different minigames, each focusing the pokémon attributes. All have a high score system, try to get better scores than the leader!

Exploration Outpost
This place takes you on a safari in a strange desert. Depending on the pokémon caught you get points and can receive great items like Rare Candy.

Trainer Simulator
In this place you can register your party, register that you can send to other people so they can battle your virtual trainer. Choose from hundreds of game avatars and any music to be your battle theme. It works in a similar way to Trainer House+Mystery Gift (GSC) and Secret Bases+Record Mixing (RSE), allowing you to earn Exp, but not money. You can also battle against your own registers or even challenge the default registries of legendary trainers. Only available after completing the game.

Traditional shop, but with hundreds of items for sale. There are over 300 TMs, so you can filter them by type or category and while choosing TMs from vendors you can see which pokemon on your party can learn them. Choosing the right TM now is much more practical. Some examples of items sold: Great Ball, Repel, Iron, X Speed, Power Belt, King’s Rock, Leftovers, TM282, Shiny Stone, Link Stone, Moon Shard, Hisui Crystal, etc…

Game Corner
Here you can have fun with Game Corner games: Slot, Voltorb Flip and Roulette. There interesting prizes like Old Gateau and Rare Candy, all by exchanging coins.

Research and Development Center
This is the famous Professor Oak’s lab where he evaluates your Pokédex performance. This is where you can choose your initial, as there are all starter trios from main line games. As you upgrade, more features become available, such as: Rewards for catching pokémon (like Lucky Egg, Amulet Coin and more starters); Researcher who tells pokemon location; Fossil resurrecting machine;
Researcher who tells you how many regional form you have and rewards you for it; Researcher that tells EVs/IVs; And others.

And much more!
The places I mentioned are not even a quarter of what are in the city or can be built. To mention a few more briefly:
Pokétetra Salon: Allows you to play the Pokétetra minigame with your party.
Local Trade Station: There is a list of dozens of trade proposals.
Pokémon Day-Care: Traditional Day-Care, which has an item that allows you to check the pokémon of the place, such as the DPP Day-Care Checker.
Rarity Shop: Allows you to buy unique items such as Bicycle, Launch, Exp. All, Good Rod and Master Ball.
Arena: Here you can battle one of your five randomly defined rivals.
Double Colosseum: Parallel Coliseum for double battles.
Cycle Path: Here you can try to ride your bike to get the shortest time with items as prizes.

V – Other systems
In addition to the places detailed above there are various systems common to pokémon games like Pokédex, Status screen, Name Rater, bag items, Trainer Card, etc.. that comes with the Pokémon Essentials Kit that I don’t list them here, even some with minor interface modifications as the Trainer Card and Summary and other adaptations to the game like Pickup list and hidden items (Itemfinder). There are also many secret systems that are only available later in the game, they will not be described here. Besides all this I will list below some of my own systems.

Functional game HUD. Can be enabled or disable. The HUD have 480×270 pixels, so 4x is 1920×1080, working very well on video gameplays.

Characters selection
Instead of being limited to two characters (a boy and a girl), here you can choose from several ones.

Expanded Options
A lot of things can be customizable in this game. As the common settings on series as the text speed, frame, the Essentials kit common ones like the font, screen size, and several that I put personally like HP bars speed, Nuzlocke mode, border, text and HP box color, status screen color, pokédex color, battle background, music (wild pokémon battle, bike and surf) and language. You can customize the controls too, and use up to 3 item register keys.

Boosted Pokédex
The pokédex has several extra features such as: Habitat Dex, which shows all the pokémon seen and caught in the areas (like in BW2); Own count for those looking for a Living Pokédex (like in Pokémon Stadium and Home); On the area page, indication if the pokémon is normally found in grass, fishing or other methods; Option to remove empty spaces between pokémon; Unlockable page that displays more data such as learned moves; And others.

New berries system
You can find berries randomly on the Forest floor, in the Berry Orchard or by using the Pole item (equivalent of the Headbutt move) on berry trees. All have an equal chance of getting each berry.

Mega Mirror
With this item you can change the look (only) of the compatible pokémon with the Mega Forms ones, working like skins that you can change as you wish.

And much more!
Some minor systems not mentioned:
Skip text: In battle, you can hold the action, cancel or run button to make the text go through faster.
Percentage of game completed: Like Donkey Kong Country and Crash.
Catch Charm: By carrying this item with you some rare and weak pokémon like Eevee and Magby become much easier to catch.
Super Rod minigame: Different minigame when using Super Rod.
Eggs with different graphics: Some eggs have custom graphics, but in general, eggs have a different color for each Egg Group.

VI – Mechanics
In addition to the added systems, Island has some changes in mechanics, either by choice or system limitation, this latter is the reason why the game still doesn’t have animations in battle. By the way, this game doesn’t follow a mechanic set of a specific generation: There are some things from generation 7, others from 4 and even some from 3. Here I will explain some of these.

There is physical/special division. The pokémon have their latest learnset. All moves up to the Scarlet/Violet (on release) are present, but those that have an effect that isn’t present in Gen 3 have their effect changed. All of these changes are in the descriptions, with modified effect moves marked with an “*”. In addition to these, the following effects were included: Judgement, Relic Song, Techno Blast, Raging Bull, and Multi Attack. Examples: Giga Impact has its effect, as it is equal to Hyper Beam; Roost hasn’t its effect, working like Recover.

There are only Gen 3 Abilities, plus Honey Gather, Flower Gift, Snow Warning, Slow Start, Multitype, Zen Mode, Defeatist, Power Construct, Schooling, Shields Down and RKS System. On the other hand, some Pokemon have their Hidden Abilities. To define the Ability of a Pokémon there are some rules:
Pokémon that run out of Abilities gain the Dummy Ability that does nothing.
Every species can normally have the Hidden Ability if it doesn’t have two Abilities present in the game.
Every species that has two Abilities in evolution, but pre-evolution only has one, so the species can have the Dummy Ability which will become the second Ability when the pokémon evolves.
Every species with the Ability to change the weather will also have another Ability or the Dummy, with the exception of Groudon and Kyogre.
Some other small exceptions, like: Gengar and Orthworm have Levitate; Koraidon has Drought, Miraidon has Drizzle.
Example: Drapion can have Battle Armor and Sniper in official games, with Keen Eye being its Hidden Ability. Since there is no Sniper Ability on Island, Drapion can have Battle Armor or Keen Eye.

Some pokémon, especially those of generation 5, take TOO LONG to evolve. Klink, for example, evolves into its intermediate form only at level 38, a level that most pokémon have reached the last evolutionary stage. Also consider that Klink is a pokémon that can be caught at the very beginning of the game. Unbalanced, no? To solve this problem this game has the Evolution Charm, having this item on bag decreases the evolution level for some species by 5, 10 or even 15!
All evolution items can be purchased. Some evolutions methods, specially trick ones like trade evolutions, are different from official (most recent) games. There is an NPC that explains these evolutions. For those who want to plan, I will list them all in the spoiler.

All pokémon that evolve by trade – Use Link Stone
All pokémon that evolve by trading with an hold item – Use Link Stone with the hold item.
All Pokemon that evolve day and night, except Eevee and Rockruff – Evolve at any time
All Pokemon that evolve with 1000 steps on Let’s Go mode – Use Stroll Shoes
Espeon – Use Sun Shard
Umbreon – Use Moon Shard
Sylveon – Happiness
Escavalier – Use Link Stone with Knight Helmet held
Accelgor – Use Link Stone with Liberation held
Pangoro – Level 32
Malamar – Level 30
Goodra – Level 50
Lycanroc – Use Sun/Moon/Dusk Shard
Solgaleo – Use Sun Shard
Lunala – Use Moon Shard
Melmetal – Use Meltan Candy
Sirfetch’d – Use Super Stick
Runerigus – Level up in the Underground
Alcremie – Use Spinner Sweet
Kleavor – Use Link Stone with Black Augurite held
Ursaluna – Use Peat Block
Wyrdeer – Use Psyshield Orb
Basculegion – Use Basculin Orb
Sneasler – Hold Razor Claw and level up
Overqwil – Use Venom Barb
Palafin – Level 38
Annihilape – Use Rage Gloves
Kingambit – Use King’s Crest
Gholdengo – Use G-Coin Sack

Island has all the forms present until the Scarlet/Violet (on release), including Hisuian, with some differences.
As already explained, Mega works like Skins. Same thing with Primal.
There is no Gigantamax or Eternamax.
There are no forms of Pikachu (those of OrAs and Cap Pikachu) and Alcremie.
There are no Abilities forms that haven’t been implemented, such as Cramorant’s Gulp Missile. However, there is an NPC in the Pokémon Center that manually changes the form of Aegislash, Morpeko, Eiscue, and Gimmighoul, so work like Deoxys forms.
In the island there are the crystals, items like Hisui Crystal and Paldea Crystal, that allow a pokémon to evolve into regional forms or have offspring with those forms. For example: Holding the Alola Crystal, a Pikachu can evolve into an Alolan Raichu, but a Kantonian Vulpix can’t evolve into Alolan Ninetales with this item. It would be necessary for it to hold the item while she has an offspring, which will be an Alolan Vulpix and then evolve to a Ninetales.
I plan to implement some of these in the future, like Greninja. Each mystical pokemon form and item is explained/given by a researcher at the Research and Development Center.

Double Battles work as they did in Generation 3, with the defeated Pokemon being replaced before the turn ends.
Exp formula from generation 1-4/6.
Exp Share works like generation 2-5.
Exp All works similar to Exp Share from generation 6-7. Half of the Exp gained is divided among all Pokémon in the battle, with a 8% more bonus to the total experience for each party member that receives the experience. That is, with Exp All and a team of 6 pokémon, you will be gaining 140% of the experience that will be divided between them.
Pokémon that are equal to or higher level than the next evolution gain 20% more Exp
Traded Pokemon only gains 20% more Exp.
Luck Incense only gives 20% more money.

VII – General notes

I was tired of GYMs scheme based on types of Pokémon main games, even admiring the GYM Leader figure, so here I wanted to create an unique approach to a pokémon game and to make the game unique.

In the pokémon main series RPG have a high level of customization, diversity and complexity of mechanics, namely, there are hundreds and hundreds of pokémon and moves to pick and fight, not to mention it all Abilities and items, so wanted to create a game with the focus to make good use of all of this while maintaining a constant challenge and without having to stop for the cliché of “save the world from apocalypse once again during the search for be the best.” One advantage is that you don’t spend hours and hours watching the story while want to explore the caves and build your team. It is very little required text in the game and it’s practically at the beginning, but don’t think the game has a few lines! There is much talk in the city!

I also intended to further increase the freedom that an RPG already allows creating an environment where almost nothing is essential, everything depends on the player. It is an interesting approach because in exploration I wanted to emphasize the journey, not the destination.

Island was made to please everyone, expert and first-timers. The Colosseum scheme helps a lot this, experienced can go right to challenge various ranks without having to go to many places while for beginners will be very necessary to explore and so prepare your pokémon for the challenges, but will be necessary a lot of strategy to complete this game.

This game format has its advantages and disadvantages, but it fulfills its purpose: to be different.

No many custom graphics were used because the official ones fulfill their roles well.

In the music I selected several songs from various pokémon games to compose the soundtrack. The battle soundtrack is several times more varied than the official games. The soundtrack is also composed songs and remixes of other series. The city theme was made by DrakeSycamore.

The game takes inspiration from the original RBY in the legendary “seek to be the very best” and “catch all”. At some points I used its simplicity concept and from other pioneers games such as the first Final Fantasies and Zelda.

Keeping up the FrLg style, there is no internal clock in the game, so, you can play all at once, without need to change game clock. However, there is several pokémon beyond the initial 151. If you only like the old pokémon then just use them! In the beach you can catch pokémon from first 151 enough to fill a team.

Here the Anime/Manga doesn’t exist, this mean no Ash and co. Like in the official games, I chose to don’t put anything from Anime/Manga in this game.

Everything described so far isn’t enough for me, I still have in mind to always improve the game releasing future versions (but not guarantee anything and this may take years) that in addition to balancing and bug fixes will also have extra content like new generation pokémon/forms, extra minigames, improvements in graphics, more items, options, etc. And you can import your save!

System requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista*
Intel Pentium III 800MHz or higher
128 MB RAM or higher
Support resolution 1024×768 High Color (24 Bit) or higher
DirectSound support and DirectX 8 or higher installed

Microsoft® Windows® XP*
Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz or higher
256 MB RAM or higher
Support resolution 1024×768 High Color (24 Bit) or higher
DirectSound support and DirectX 8 or higher installed

*To run on Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 or 10 just put one of these on the compatibility.


:: 03/15/23 :: 2.1.4 ::
*For gen 9 sprites: centralize, add shinies and all backsprites. Change some sprites during the process.
*Bugfixes, especially a glitch when changing Zamazenta form.

:: 03/02/23 :: 2.1.3 ::
*Bugfixes, especially Hisuian Sneasel not evolving.

:: 02/16/23 :: 2.1.2 ::
*Bugfixes, especially a crash at Colosseum higher ranks and when using wings (like Muscle Wing).

:: 02/07/23 :: 2.1.1 ::
*Bugfixes, especially a crash evolving Kubfu and when getting an egg on Day-Care with full party.

:: 02/05/23 :: 2.1.0 ::
*Pokémon and moves up to Scarlet/Violet (on release) added. Some backsprites missing.
*Trainer Simulator added.
*Pokédex with Habitat and counting owned pokémon.
*Crystals to obtain regional forms, including Hisui and Paldea.
*Rank to access City Hall decreased from 6 to 3.
*All starting trios available as starters, 27 at total.
*Added move effects: Raging Bull.
*Dozens of small changes such as: Displayed description and icon of items obtained, trainer encounter themes added, Furfrou forms added, increased Exp All bonus from 5% to 8%, introduction pokémon is now rotating, among others.

Pokemon Island

Download Pokemon Island v1.2h

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