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Pokemon Red

Name: Pokemon Red
Developer(s): Game Freak
Platforms(s): Gameboy
Nowadays, Pokemon has become a common word among kids worldwide and with its new editions coming consistently with more features; it has become all the more popular.

The new Pokemon Red and blue presents a unique blend of training, trading, exploration and battling that is a much more in-depth version of the original and which forces a player to interact with others so as to truly experience the fun it can provide. The game is long, interesting and can really make the player intangibly addictive.

Gameplay – The gameplay is set in a third-person overhead perspective in which gamers make the main protagonist move through the fictional world consisting of various fictional objects and people which help or toughen the game. Players play in different terrains like grass, forests, caves, seas etc. where different kinds of Pokemon live and player has to battle with them.

So, the main aim is to develop and raise your Pokemon by accumulating experience points and eventually a level up on which depends the Pokemon’s physical properties and battle moves. So, one has to complete all of the entries in Pokedex, a Pokemon encyclopedia by obtaining all 151 creatures.

The new features in this game are the various glitches which make a player able to duplicate items or obtain a rare Pokemon. Also, there is lots of ‘glitch Pokemon’ which when bumped into, appears as a group of pixels and may even cause some malfunctioning in games.

Red and Blue also received the praising for mutiplayer options by critics and especially for the concept of trading. In 2009, it appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records’ under the titles of ‘Best selling RPG on the Game Boy’ and ‘Best Selling RPG all time’.


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