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Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions

Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions
Name: Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: GoGoJJTech.
Source: Click here!

Pokémon Platinum Red and Blue Versions are two separate GBA hacks. Platinum Red is a full demake of Pokémon Platinum Version on the GBA, while Platinum Blue, still using Sinnoh, has many other features and sidequests.

After years of training, Blue return from the Johto Region back to Pallet to follow his grandpa’s footsteps of being the champion of Kanto. At the same time, a boy from Pallet Town is also chasing that exact same dream. Quickly becoming rivals, Blue find himself competing against his rivals but he needs to put those aside when Team Rocket reveal their sinister plans that hurts those he cared about.

Sinnoh Region in its best ~ Using the Platinum tiles, looks, everything [and even things like the distortion world]
DS styled sprites ~ Thanks to Chaos Rush’s DS 64 x 64 Sprite Resource
493 Pokemon ~ YES, this IS a feature. NO, I did NOT use the 649 patch or use a tool. This was done by hand, and a little advice from the greatest hackers of all time
New moves ~ Yes, the moves up to DPPt are in, not fully matching animations but at least you HAVE them ;D Some moves don’t have correct effects yet either.
Forms (Formes) ~ Yes, this isn’t all me ? My plan was to trick the player, but thanks to my partner daniilS, we have fully functional formes, and a working rotom appliance script (thanks buddy)
Day and Night ~ Using DNS for now, I’m waiting for Shiny Quagsire’s system
Sinnoh music ~ Wait, this isn’t all thanks to ipatix
Day/night music switch ~ Yep, the music changes between time of day, making the feel perfect thanks to Jambo51
A removed help system ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay (Doesnt)
Magma Armor and Flame Body implementation ~ Thanks to Hackmew, eggs hatch twice as fast when a pokemon with one of these abilities is in your party
Indoor Running ~ I know almost every single hack has this, but it’s part of the gen 4 feel
Platinum intro and titlescreen ~ Yeah, not done yet, but it’s being worked on
Class based trainer music ~ So instead of the trainer battle in every single song like FR, it actually works like it should, playing rival music on the rival, etc.
A WORKING Physical/Special Split ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay again ?
More trainer encounter music ~ Making the trainer encounters like Pl
The trainers face you when you come near them ~ FR did this because in RBY you ignored the trainer too
Incense items ~ You can now get a munchlax from a snorlax with an incense, etc.
Re~usable TMs ~ I know this wasn’t part of DPPt, but let’s face it, why spend money on the same TM over and over?
HMs to match Pt ~ Rock climb, defog, etc.
New Evolutionary stones ~ All evolution stones are officially in and working, INCLUDING the dawn stone!
New items ~ All new items are in. Also a little Easter egg for the one who finds the dummied out Pt. items ? Effects are in progress
Lowercase ~ The ROM doesn’t shout at you
A working version of JPAN’s hacked engine ~ Since the engine has issues, I fixed them thanks to karatekid552’s thread on it
A few Gamefreak bug fixes ~ Including the dex and the roaming pokemon IVs glitch
DP Font ~ Self explanatory
No “previously on your quest” ~ thanks to diegoisawesome
BW2 repel system ~ Thanks to darthatron
Choose the starter properly ~ An RSE Choose starter port thanks to Shiny Quagsire
New evolution methods ~ All new evolution methods are in, no tricks, no bugs as demonstrated by the videos
New Pokeballs ~ WORKING new pokeballs (none replaced). These are thanks to JPAN’s research, daniilS’ asm and knizz knowledge of FR’s inner workings. Also the sprites are thanks to Bela
Diagonal walking ~ Yes! Walk diagonally ?
EXP when catching a Pokemon ~ Self explanatory

Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions

Download Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions Alpha 1.3

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