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Pokemon Hoenn White EX

Pokemon Hoenn White
Name: Pokemon Hoenn White
Remake From: Pokemon White
Remake by: KingDrapion.
Source: Click here!

This is my second edition of my Hoenn White hack series. I started this version of the hack about a month ago due to many requests for me to put my old Hoenn White hack back up after I took it down due to corruption of the ROM and my lost enthusiasm of continuing the hack.
For those who have played the old Hoenn White before, you will find that this version will be a lot different and much more challenging – I hope. I took my time with this one to make sure it will be much more enjoyable as the other hack seemed rushed by some people. Well anyway, scroll down to see the new and improved this hack has to offer, enjoy!

Difficulty – I have dramatically increased the difficulty of the hack. Will probably be too hard for inexperienced players.
# Starters – The Hoenn starters will be chosen. They are Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.
# Old Faces – Hoenn people will be around the Region.
# Gym leaders – You challenge the Unova leaders to gain badges, but you can also challenge Hoenn leaders as a side event (Similar to Drayano’s hack).
# Rivals – Brendan and May will be your rivals.
# Stats – Have been modified for balancing reasons.
# The Pokedex – All Pokemon found in Hoenn and their evolutions. This includes some 1st and 2nd Generation pokemon as well.
# Music – Remixed Hoenn themes will be present in the hack.
# Type changes – Some pokemon will have type changes for balancing and difficulty reasons.
# Text edits – Text will be edited to create a twist with the plot.

Pokemon Hoenn White

Download Pokemon Hoenn White EX v1 Completed

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